The Buckley House Renovation: Finished!

“Hello, it’s me, Agatha Buckley! Our house have been finished for a while now, thanks to all of the help that the villagers of Dandelion Creek provided, so I thought I should show you around. We have a lot of plants around our house, it reminds me of our old house when we lived in the middle of the forest. You can put your shoes beside Maria’s and come inside!”

“So this is the first ‘room’ of the house. Beside the door is are my son Freddie’s three pets, Bitty Batty and Botty; the three dwarf bats that he received from the wonderful Nina of Riverside. They like it here as it is a bit darker but they can still see us so they aren’t that lonely. Beside this is the armchair that was a gift from the Cottontail family. My daughter Maria did the two embroidery art pieces you see hanging there, you can see that she is really getting better at it since Molly Clearwater has been helping her.”

“My husband Rupert thinks that the armchair is the perfect place to relax after a long day with some crosswords and Sudoku!”

“This is the ‘heart of the home’ so to say, the kitchen! In the corner there is a refurbished stove and oven that we use daily to cook everything from stews to hot water for tea. Then we have the kitchen counter and sink combo. There is a lot of room underneath in the draws and cupboards to store everything we need. Over there is the table that we use for meals and the children use to do their homework on. Freddie uses it most of all, he is constantly snacking on something. Here he goes again with a glass of milk! No Freddie, we have not got any cookies, you ate the last one yesterday and I have not got the ingredients to make more.”

“Come up the ladder here to the bedroom. Catherine Cottontail sewed us these wonderful blankets and quilts, I am so thankful that she likes sewing. I don’t really have the patience for sewing and I fear any sewing by Rupert would be a bit of a disaster. In the corner we have my youngest sons bed, Oscar has quite a bit of room to play which I am happy with. He didn’t have much room in our old house”

“Here are the children’s beds. Oh hello Maria, I didn’t see you coming in! Each child has their own quilt which they chose the fabrics for themselves. Maria, you’d better sit on your own bed and practice or Freddie will be cross.

Anyway, this is our finished house, I hope you enjoyed the tour!”

Here it is! The final part in the series, I hope you like the final look of the house.

Hugs, Emily



  1. Emilie :D says:

    What a lovely house! You decorated it so well! I’m happy to hear that the Buckley’s can finally settle in comfortably into their new home. Great job on the details. What lovely bedroom quilts for the children. Did you craft them yourself? This post was a delight, as always!

    Best wishes to the Buckley family and the villagers of Dandelion Creek. Have a lovely December,

    • nzemily says:

      Hello Emilie!
      I am quite happy with how the house turned out and yes, I did make the quilts for the children. I will pass on the good wished!
      Thanks for reading, Emily

    • nzemily says:

      Hello GreyRabbit, I’m happy that you like the house! Yes, the Buckley family are very glad to be able to live there and are very happy with how it turned out.
      Hugs Emily ?

  2. Ayrell says:

    Hi Emily!

    I love house tours and I enjoyed seeing the finished version of the Buckley’s home very much! It looks gorgeous, love the wallpaper you chose, it fits the family and their clothing really well. I adore Bitty Batty and Botty, Nina is so talented! And I love how you have Maria’s embroidery art pieces on the wall as well. 🙂
    Love the entrance with the comfy seat (no wonder Rupert loves it), the kitchen looks really cosy and I adore those quilts in the bedroom!
    Wonderfully done! I’m sure the Buckleys will be very happy in their new home.
    Have a great day!

    • nzemily says:

      Hello Ayrell!
      I’m happy that you like the house and the wallpaper, I did chose it to fit the ‘blue’ theme of the family. Nina is talented, the bats make gorgeous pets for Freddie! Maria is quite proud of her embroidery and Agatha is wanting her sons to also give her something that she can hang up on the wall.
      Have a good rest of your week, Emily

  3. Jackson Butterglove says:

    Thank you for the tour – that is lovely décor, Emily! I particularly like the curtains and the lovely quilts.
    I empathise with Freddie walking around with the milk – I’ll be having a mug for my supper! Oscar is a cutie, isn’t he?
    I hope you’re enjoying better weather than here in the UK – it’s been dull and rainy all day.

    • nzemily says:

      Thanks for reading Jackson!
      Milk is delicious, isn’t it? Especially when you have cookies or cake alongside it I find. I do love little Oscar, he is definitely one of my favourites (oof I have too many favourites though haha ?) The weather here has been great, very sunny and warm. Hopefully some of that good weather will head your way soon!
      Hugs, Emily and the critters of Dandelion Creek

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