Slydale and Wildwood Family Descriptions!

Slydale Fox Family

Slick Slydale

Slick Slydale is a quite a strong man! Young children are often scared by his big and manly appearance but his warm personality usually quickly wins them over. He is known for being a real softie under his skin though he would never admit it to anyone except for maybe his wife Velvette. For a job Slick does anything to do with construction or carpentry, that could be something as large as renovating a house for example or something as simple as mending a broken chair leg.

Velvette Slydale

Velvette Slydale is a bustling woman who likes to wear large dresses because she is all for comfort. Her greatest pride are her three children, Buster, Daisy and Skitter. You will always see Velvette to be very enthusiastic when the local school or nursery holds or announces an event or performance! Washing clothes and bed spreads is also one of her favourite things to so it is no wonder that she is friends with Tabitha Hazlewood who also loves to wash and has a brand new washing line!

Buster Slydale

Buster Slydale is known for his large array of pranks and jokes he plays on everyone. He is forever teasing his twin sister for being named after a flower and is constantly saying things like ‘Oh my precious petal!’ or ‘Are you quite sure you are alright Daisy diddums?!’ or ‘Rise and shine little flower, delicate Daisy dear!’. Of course he gets along very well with Rumpus Macavity, the boys are quite similar!

Daisy Slydale

Daisy Slydale is not a ‘delicate flower petal’ as her brother calls her. She is in fact a very confident young fox who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Perhaps that is the reason why her twin brother Buster insists of teasing her about her ‘soft and delicate’ first name. Being quite tall for her age, Daisy uses it to her advantage when she is picked to be the leader of groups projects, she can become quite intimidating when she scold her peers for not pulling their own weight, looking very much like her mother Velvette as she does so.

Skitter Slydale

Skitter Slydale is the toddler of the family who is simply adored by everyone. His large eyes makes it hard for anyone to resist him and a few of the girls at nursery are already swooning over him. His mother Velvette believes that he will grow up to be a simply handsome fellow! Skitter likes to drink peppermint tea for some reason, ever since he tried his father Slick’s tea a year ago.

Wildwood Rabbit Family

Herb Wildwood

Herb Wildwood is all about being the best husband and father he can be! He loves his children and greatly prefers Ginger’s simple cooking over some overly lavish restaurant dish as her dishes make him feel ‘whole and fulfilled’ again after a long day in the country side. Not only that, he likes the family atmosphere that is present when the family eats together in their home and he feels that you can only get that feeling when the family is eating delicious home cooked food!

Ginger Wildwood

Ginger Wildwood loves to organize and plan garden parties. Naturally, this makes her a very social woman as sylvanians love her organized events as they are always fun and Ginger is full of an enticing warmth which seems to attract everyone! She likes to provide very rustic and simple meals for her family consisting of mainly root vegetables which she cooks into delicious stews.

Rusty Wildwood

Rusty Wildwood likes music and plays all sorts of instruments. He can’t choose which instrument he likes best because he likes to play so many! Everyone in the village who wants to learn an instrument goes to him as he is known not only for his extensive knowledge on nearly anything to do with music but also for his patience to teach. He really wants to play in an orchestra or band when he grows up and then open his very own music school!

Hollie Wildwood

Hollie Wildwood loves to bake just like her mother! When her mother is organizing a garden party she would often volunteer to do the baking, whether it is cakes, pies, cookies, anything! The only part about baking Hollie doesn’t like is the cleaning up and dish washing part of it sometimes she bribes her brother Rusty with the promise of cake to do it for her. After school and on weekend she sometimes helps out at the Bakery. Not for money but to improve her skills and to improve her knowledge of all things baking!

Here are the two descriptions for the two new families! For more descriptions you can look in the ‘Meet the Critters’ category at the top of my blog. I have updated some of the photos there because some still had my old and faded hills background and it was annoying me. How has your week been? For me it was back to school which was okay I guess if we didn’t already get homework on our first day. Anyhow, have a nice day!

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Winter Outfit Part Two; The Hat

*If you do not know how to crochet, I have found a simple video which clearly shows you the basic skills which is at the bottom of this post.*

This is a simple tutorial, it only requires the knowledge of the basic crochet stitch which you can learn in seconds from the video at the bottom of this post. Crocheting is not hard and this tutorial I am doing is quite easy.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Crochet hook (I recommend using a US hook size of C/2, also known as a size 11 in the UK or a 3.0 mm hook size for the rest of the world)
  • Wool (Not too thick but not too thin)
  • Darning Needle though a normal sewing needle will also work
  • Scissors
  • Sylvanian figure to test measurements on


Firstly crochet a chain which wraps around the figures head.

Continue to crochet round and round until the edge of your crocheting reaches the figures ears, then crochet a chain and connect it again with a simple stitch to create a ‘loop’ for your figures ear, do this for both ears. (You will not have to do this if your figure is a mole or something obviously)

As you crochet round now, leave out a stitch every two or so stitches so that your hats starts to curve in to for a dome.  Crochet in the basic stitch until your whole hat is filled in, finish by weaving the thread through your hat to make sure everything is secure.

Now, I once again added a furry trim to mine and again, this is not necessary.

This is what your figure should look like now that you have made the hat and coat from the front.

The side.

The back.

Hi everyone! Here is the second part of the winter crocheting collection thingey. Only one more tutorial to post after this and then the whole outfit is done! I am sorry if the explaining isn’t exactly good but oh well. Hope you enjoyed anyway.

How to crochet video:

A Very Crowded Bakery + Newspaper!

“Where did you get this?” asked Ginger Wildwood. She was holding up a very pretty winter ornament which she had found on the table in the Bakery. The Wildwood family, made up of Herb and Ginger Wildwood and their two children Rusty and Hollie, had moved to Dandelion Creek a bit over a week ago and had been regularly visiting the Bakery. They had been helping out so that poor Caroline Macavity could have a bit of peace and alone time, something that was very rare to her as she had seven children.

“That was a lovely gift from Riverside, Ginger” Alonzo Macavity answered as he set down two mugs of hot chocolate for the Wildwood children to enjoy. The snow outside was piled high against the window and Alonzo was quite relieved that his wife was not here to tell him to shovel it away. As he looked at the icy snow, Alonzo noticed a figure with brown fur, antlers, wearing blue, green and white hurrying towards his Bakery.

“It is lovely! Do you need any more help?” Ginger inquired, placing the ornament back on the table.

“No, the help with the bread dough was quite enough.”

The door to the Bakery opened to reveal a small boy fox wearing a blue scarf. Everybody turned around.

Then, a whole lot more foxes entered. A mother, father, daughter and another son.

“Hello! Am I right in Dandelion Creek here?” asked the father.

“Yes, this is Dandelion Creek’s Bakery” Herb Wildwood responded, “My name is Herb Wildwood, what is your name?”

Before the man could utter his name, the door opened again and a very cold Cameron Moss scurried inside. “Alonzo! Alonzo!” he called and waved a rolled up bundle of paper around wildly. He was so excited that he didn’t notice the mass of people who gathered before him.

“Cameron!” Alonzo exclaimed and pushed his way through to the man. “Cameron! What on earth are you doing outside without something warm on? Rowena will be so mad!”

“But Alonzo, I need to-”

“No, no, no. Cameron, you are freezing and I don’t want to imagine what your wife would say if I didn’t warm you up. What you have to tell me can wait.” he said in a very firm tone. Being the father to seven children had certainly made him a master of ‘the firm voice’.

Cameron sighed in defeat and let himself be convinced to drink a cup of tea, then reluctantly tucking the paper he held into the inside of his thin tail coat .

The kettle was set to boil on the stove and Alonzo brought out a teacup and saucer, ready to pour the peppermint tea into. At the same time, the rest of the sylvanians in the Bakery got to know the Slydale family and talked about their reason to move to Dandelion Creek from Pumpkinvilles.

Yet another gust of cold, icy air made the group turn around once again. This time, the Mayor Elliot Beaman and his wife Evangeline were the visitors.

“Cameron” Elliot said “Your wife sent me to give you this.” he handed Cameron a fuzzy red scarf like his own. Cameron promptly groaned at the thought of his wife, who was probably not so pleased that he had run off without putting something warm on. Elliot tossed the scarf to him and then saw the visitors.

“Mother, could we take the Slydale children to see our snow cave?” Hollie Wildwood asked. Her mother agreed and the Wildwood family left the Bakery with the three Slydale children.

Alonzo handed the tea to Cameron and then took a hot loaf of bread out of the oven.

While Cameron was warming up, Mr. and Mrs. Beaman met Mr. and Mrs. Slydale.

“Mayor Elliot Beaman.” Elliot said and shook Slick Slydale’s hand.

“Hello, and I am Velvette Slydale. Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Beaman.”

“Oh, call us Elliot and Evangeline. I love your red coat, where did you get it?” Evangeline gushed and ran her paw over the fuzzy coat.

“I bought it at in a small shop in Pumpkinvilles.”

“Pumpkinvilles? That horrible place?”

“Yes, that is where we lived before. We really didn’t like it there.”

“Our children, Daisy and Buster had a very run down school to go to and Skitter had to go to a very strict nursery. It was awful” Slick explained.

“Pumpkinvilles is really an awful village.” Elliot agreed.

“Now can I show you something?” Cameron asked impatiently after he had finished his tea.

“Yes, go on now.” approved Alonzo.

“Well…” he pulled out the rolled up bundle of paper and fidgeted in excitement “I present to you… The Daily Dandelion! Dandelion Creek’s first newspaper!”. With that he unrolled the paper and thrust it into Alonzo’s awaiting hands.

“Wow Cameron! This is amazing!” Alonzo praised and pulled him into a man hug. “This calls for tea for all!”

Shortly Alonzo had made two cups of coffee and then a big pot of tea. Everyone was eagerly chatting away about the new newspaper and how wonderful it was to have more critters joining the small village of Dandelion Creek. Suddenly, the door opened and-

“Cameron Ronald Moss!” came a very annoyed voice.

“And that is my cue to go.” Cameron announced as he got dragged off by his wife, no doubt to be lectured on the importance of wrapping up warm during the wintertime.

Hello! I know, it has been ages since I last posted but I finally have. Silly me, I had forgotten to publish the second part of the warm winter outfit tutorial which I have lined up and ready to go. The Slydales were a Christmas gift and the Wildwoods I bought around half a year ago. I just haven’t gotten the time to introduce them properly. I have heaps of critters which still need to ‘come’ to the village. 5 families which I bought/received last year! Also, I finally published the newspaper as you could see! The Moss families description is up in the ‘Meet the Critters’ section and the Slydales and Wildwoods should be up soon too!

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