The Moss Family’s Arrival

It was a cold and wintry morning in Dandelion Creek. A few days ago, the first snowflakes drifted down to earth and now a thin layer of snow covered everything in sight. The Sylvanian Families themselves were getting ready for Christmas, it was the first of December and many had been up since the early morning decorating and spreading the Christmas cheer. Also out and about this morning was the Moss deer family who had just arrived in their new home, Dandelion Creek, and were exploring their surroundings.

They came to a Bakery where a man was standing on a ladder.

“Now, now Alonzo! Be careful!” a woman called to the man on the ladder, Cameron presumed this was the man’s wife.

“Father, careful! Skimble is holding the end of the tinsel!”

“I will be fine Asps!” he said and continued to make his way up the ladder.

Then it happened, the man slipped on the ladder and-

-fell! He hit the ground with a soft thud. Luckily, the snow cushioned his fall.

“Oh Alonzo! Are you alright?!” the woman exclaimed and came hurrying over to her husband.

“Are you okay?” Cameron asked as well as he and his family joined the scene.

“Ughhh!” he groaned in the snow “I am fine, a little sore but fine”


“Yes, I knew that the ladder was too icy” he muttered while his wife withheld saying how she saw it coming and how she told him to bring the ladder inside yesterday so that it wouldn’t freeze.

Only then the family noticed that they had never seen the Moss family before.

“Hello? Are you new here?” she asked

“We are new, my name is Cameron Moss, this is my wife Rowena, my daughter Juniper and my son Buck”

“Nice to meet you, I am Alonzo Macavity, this is my wife Caroline and we have quite a few children, I will point them out to you as I see them.”

“Well, would you like to come inside? I think that we’d better leave the decorating for now. I need to bake but still?”

One look at his cold children settled the answer for Cameron “Yes, we would love to as long as we are not too much in the way.”

“Come inside the Bakery, my wife will sort you out but now I will be off, I have to select the Christmas tree with my eldest son.”

“Thank you, that is very kind” Rowena replied gratefully “We would be glad to warm up a little and be out of this snow”

The five entered the Bakery. Inside it smelled heavenly of cinnamon and Christmas cookies, accompanied by the warmth of the oven, it was the perfect place to be on this cold winters day.

“Can I take your coats? And scarves?” Caroline asked cheerfully.

“Why, sure.” Rowena replied and gave Caroline her coat.

She glanced over at the messy kitchen area while the rest of her family were giving their warm things to Caroline. Pots, pans, bowls and jars stood everywhere. Much to her surprise, she saw a boy tidying up and organizing the cutlery. How Rowena wished that Buck would sometimes help her like that more often.

“That is my son Rumpus, and this in the red dress is Asparagus, also known as Aspa, they are twins” Caroline introduced.

“Now, Moss family, you can take a look around, tea will be ready in a moment” said Caroline as she took freshly baked cookies out of the oven “Aspa, please do the washing up, Rumpus, please put the kettle on and make sure that the white chocolate doesn’t burn!”

“Yes Mother, shall I also make cocoa?” Rumpus asked

“Yes, try adding a bit of cinnamon too”

As Rumpus was making cocoa, his sister started to drag a bathtub full of dirty things.

“Hi, your name is Asparagus isn’t it?” Juniper asked polietly

“Yes, and what is your name?”

“Juniper, do you need any help with that?”

“No, I am fine but thank you, I think my brother is pouring you cocoa so you should better drink it while it is still hot.”

“Oh, okay,” Juniper responded and closed the door after the girl as she left the comforting warmth of the Bakery.

“Right! Tea for you, Cameron, Rowena, cocoa for the children.” Caroline poured the drinks into the awaiting mugs “Help yourself to the cookies too, they are freshly baked.”

“Thank you! This is delicious!” Buck exclaimed happily as he dipped his cookie in his cocoa.

“So, what do you do Cameron?”

“I am a newspaper publisher and would like to set up a newspaper here in Dandelion Creek”

“Wow! I am really excited for that! A newspaper!”

“I am happy you approve, now, what type of cookies are you decorating? Can I help?”

At that moment Asparagus entered the Bakery again to fetch hot water and the dirty cups.

“Do you need a paw Aspa?” Rowena inquired

“No, I will be just fine, thanks for offering thought.” the girl responded and carefully took the tray of dirty cups from her brother. Rowena opened the door for her but felt a bit sad that Asparagus had to leave the warm Bakery to wash the dishes, she guessed that the Bakery had no water tap and all water must have been sourced from a nearby stream.

“Oh dear! She forgot the second pot!” Juniper noticed, “I will go after her! Can I go?”

“You can Juniper darling but put something warm on, here, take your Father’s scarf” Rowena said and handed her the scarf.

Juniper took it and threw it on, grabbed the pot of boiling water and quickly made her way after Asparagus.

Juniper finally caught up with Asparagus when she had reached the bathtub full of now rinsed dishes.

“Asparagus! You forgot the second pot of  boiling water!!”

“Oh, thanks! I just noticed that I didn’t have enough hot water”

“Can I help you wash up?”

“Well, if you are already here, I guess you can”

The two girl got to work scrubbing the dirty dishes with soap and hot water. Asparagus set up a blanket for the dry dishes, she dried while Juniper washed the dishes.

“So, how is school like here?” Juniper inquired, she had been home schooled but would then be attending the village school next year.

“It is good, I like going to school. Aristotle is a really good teacher, you will really like him!”

“You have the Christmas holidays now?”

“No, not quite, soon though!” Asparagus laughed happily, she was really looking forward to the holidays.

The pair worked in silence for a moment, washing and drying.

“Do you help in the Bakery a lot?” Juniper asked curiously.

“Only when it is really busy, like today or when it is my turn to clean.”

The girls put all the clean dishes in the now dry bath tub and started to push and pull the tub towards the Bakery.

Asparagus and Juniper arrived to chaos. Alonzo, Skimble and the eldest son Lupin had arrived with the Christmas tree. A fine, short pine with thick needles, close together and forest green. Everyone was talking excitedly about it.

“I love it!”

“Daddy, Lupin and I found this one on the other side of the wood!”

“What a fine tree!”

“Here Father, let me take your scarf”

“Lupin saw it and then I knew it was the one!”

“Come here Skimble, let me take off your scarf”

“How lovely! This tree will look wonderful!”

After the annual excitement of the tree had died down, Caroline went back to decorating Christmas cookies and all the children helped to put away the dishes.

“Hello! My name is Clara, this is Electra and Etcetera, how are you?” The eldest daughter of the Macavity family asked Rowena warmly. Rowena greeted her just as warmly and Clara smiled at her before unwrapping the babies from their outdoor winter clothes.

The Moss family observed the Macavities. They had been so kind to them and now they were very busy. Cameron felt that it was time to go, so they left quietly but not before helping Buck to straighten the Christmas door wreath. Both the Moss family and the Macavities felt very happy this day, the Macavities because they were baking and having family time, the Moss family because they were enjoying their new home and had already made friends.

Hello! How did you like this story? I am quite happy with it. I am going to write the bio for the Moss family tomorrow so come back for that, it will be under the ‘meet the critters’ category.

Does anyone have any ideas what I should call the Dandelion Creek newspaper?


Sewing with Mother Set Review

This is the box of my wonderful Sewing with Mother Set which I bought around two weeks ago. It is a BNIB so I was really excited!

This is the back of the box, I love the little scenes that the Flair packaging has, it makes SF feel so much more friendly and welcoming I think.

This is the bottom and another thing I like about the Flair packaging is that they have a description on the box. I think Epoch could really do that as well but I guess they have started to put little story booklets in their newer products which I guess makes up for that. I am unsure what to call my Clearwaters, I like Sybil for a first name for the mum but have no idea what to call her daughter as I don’t think the name Stephanie really suits her. Any suggestions?

Opening the box up, this is what you see. You have the set and then a collection sheet with the windmill on it, I collect these as well and unfortunately have this one already. A Collectors Club pamphlet is also included.

Let’s have a look at the accessories first. These thread spools have ‘thread’ of different colours on them, a red one, a blue and a green one are included. This gives Sybil a nice variety of threads to choose from when she is sewing.

There are these two cute little sheets of buttons! I love these! The detail on them adds a very nice touch!

These tools here you would use for making your clothes or whatever you are sewing. A little pencil, ruler and scissors. The scissors even open and close.


The last of these small accessories is this very strange clip, what would you use it for? It looks like the pegs from the Washing Day set except it is smaller and black. Does anyone know what this is?

Then there is a small piece of fabric of a very popular design in Sylvania.

All the small accessories can be stored in this nice little container which features it’s very own built in pin cushion!

Now for one of the most useful things a dressmaker can have; a sewing machine! Designed to make sewing a whole lot easier, this is the latest model in Sylvania! The side knob really turns and it has a lovely floral pattern on the front.

The back is plain but without the lovely distractions you can clearly see the shape of this machine.

Now Sybil can finally move after years of waiting in the crammed box! She is wearing a very nice dress with white dots on it. I love her apron too!

From the isde, you can see the shape of her head very well. Do the Clearwaters have the same mold as the McBurrows? I really want to get the McBurrows as well sometime so that the clearwaters will not be the only animal which lives underground in my village.

They have no tails which means that her dress can close properly, yay!

Sybil’s daughter has the same smiling mouth and warm eyes as her mother has. I absolutely adore the Clearwaters pink noses, they are just too cute! She is wearing the same style of dress as her mother but in blue which i also find very cute. Somehow she reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, am I the only one?

Her dress also fits snugly at the back.

As far as size is concerned, they are smaller than the other main SF animal molds. Mother Sybil is the same height as child Mimi Appleseed!

Here the two ladies are and about to sew. Overall, I really love this it and recommend it to anyone!

Hello! Today, I have decided to post this review rather than an introductory story because the weather didn’t want to cooperate these past few days to take photos. Today I am aiming to plan out my Christmas countdown 2017 which is very exciting! You might remember that last year, I also did a Christmas countdown which was stressful at times but amazing at the same time. This year I am not entirely sure what I am going to do. The only sunny day is tomorrow before the first so I am trying to be organized and plan as well as complete the last of my assessments for school. Talking about school, I sat an ICAS English exam two terms ago and we got the results back yesterday, I am in the top 13% of people who completed this test (It was optional so I am guessing only smart people did it) in New Zealand and Australia! I am so proud!

How are you spending the rest of you weekend? Whatever you are doing, I hope you have fun!


Moss Reindeer Family Review!

I love my Moss family, I bought them new off Trade Me a week or so ago and I finally got them a few days ago. I was jumping up and down as soon as I saw that they weren’t faded like they looked on the photo that the seller had posted. She had just used flash. Though my family isn’t perfect, a bit dusty, faded and some of the markings have rubbed off, I am still very happy!

Anyway, here are the two parents. I actually like their original names, Rowena and Cameron so I will use these. Mother Rowena is wearing quite a nice dress which has a good bit of lace which I think makes this dress different from the rest of SF women’s dresses. Father Cameron looks very smart in his blue velvet tailcoat with gold pearls. He did come with a yellow bow but I changed it into a red one as I think he looks much better with it red.

From the back Cameron looks very smart indeed. I love his outfit, it makes him look quite well off and I think that he will be known as the ‘rich’ family from the noble house of Moss (Remember, you can be well off and not spoilt). The lace of Rowena’s dress stops at her sides, this doesn’t bother me too much but I personally think her dress would look nicer if the lave went all the way around.

Here are their children Buck and Juniper. They both look very tidy in their outfits. Buck’s straps of his trousers are a bit too long and big for him, they do not fit him properly in my opinion, they are too big.

This is the back view of the two of them. The stitching of the side back of Buck’s trousers has become undone but I will just fold it over.

I would have thought that the Moss family would be quite big as reindeer I think are but to my surprise, the parents are the size of child rabbits! In this photo we can see the size comparisons.

Does anyone know what version I have? The mother wears the dress like the 1997 version but I doubt that they are that old and they have the newer 2004 face mold. The sisters dress is different from the 1997 and the 2004 version so maybe this is the 2010 re released version? Is the sister even wearing the original dress? Buck still has a sticker on his foot, it is a golden 1985 EPOCH China one.

Any help would be appreciated!

By the way I have a winter clothing crochet tutorial series which I will publish soon( a hat, jacket and shoes). I wrote this weeks ago and still haven’t posted it. I will try to do an introductory story of the Moss family sometime and I have a few reviews to post as well. I will post the first crochet tutorial probably at the start of December and now… Oh well, I figure it out as time passes!

Right now, life is just a blur. School, homework, assignments and revision for tests, argh! Luckily I only have a few more exams next week and then I hope I will be done (I got a score which you would expect someone who is two years older than me to get in my science essay! YES!) School finishes in three weeks for the year and the I finally have the long holidays!

Have a wonderful day!