A hunt with a surprise

Everything was quiet in the peaceful village of Dandelion Creek, not a sylvanian was stirring, or was there? A white bunny was hopping along with a wheelbarrow full of Easter eggs… Could it be, the Easter Bunny?

Carefully, the bunny placed the eggs in all sorts of hiding spots, one in a nest, one in a bush, another under a tree. Now, other Sylvanians had woken up, children, all excited for the Easter egg hunt. The white bunny in the meadow tensed, hearing quiet but excited voices.

“The Easter Bunny WAS here” exclaimed a little voice.

Placing the last Easter egg behind a tree, the Easter Bunny was gone.

“Alright children, you can go but remember, there are enough eggs for all and there is no need to push and shove” Mayor Elliot Beaman called as eager children pushed past him.

“Look, there is one!”

“Look at that one Milo!”

“I can see one!”

“Isn’t that one pretty!”

Soon, there were cries of joy and amazement as the children found the eggs, Skimble Macavity had a hard time getting hers because it was far above her head!

The only one who was not hunting for eggs was Melinda Cakebread, she had seen something she hadn’t seen before. Dragging her protesting friend Rosie Buttermilk behind her, she ran off.

“Where are you going? Mayor Beaman said that no one was to leave the clearing!” Rosie spluttered,

“Shhhhhh!” came the answer, “Look, its a tent!”

Quietly, the two girls crept up behind a small hedge,

“Hello?” called Melinda, no one answered, “No one is here, lets have a look around” Melinda whispered.

“Then why are you whispering?” Rosie whispered back.

“Just in case”

Both girls looked around at the small campsite, who owned all of this? Rosie peered under the grill, examining the logs there, she put out her hand-

“BOO!” shouted a voice

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiih!” screamed and squealed Rosie and Melinda. They spun round to see a white cat girl in a pink raincoat starring at them.

Both girls turned and ran

“No, don’t go! Please, I am not going to hurt you or anything!” The girl protested, running after them.

“Who are you?” Rosie asked, her eyes big and round

“I am Lucy Golightly and you are…?”

“Rosie Buttermilk and Melinda Cakebread” Melinda replied.

“Golightly…” Rosie mumbled, “Are you part of that performing arts family? The ones who dance and that?”

“Yes, I am” Lucy replied, blushing a little

“I don’t remember a Lucy though”

” I can’t dance to save my life, honestly, it seems if I am the only one in the family who is rubbish at dancing!” Lucy explained

“Well, you certainly like to tent!” Melinda commented

“Yes I do, come, I’ll show you inside my tent!”

The three crawled inside the tent, first Rosie, then Melinda and then Lucy, none of them noticed the Easter Bunny comming out from behind the tent.

“Oooh! It must be so exciting to live inside a tent!” Melinda said as she clambered out of it, “I do like your dress Lucy!”

“Thanks, it is not mine, but my sisters, it was too small for her and she has the exact one in a bigger size, I don’t like it that much, it is not practical, my dress has a rip in it so Clares dress will have to do” she explained.

“Wow!” Rosie said as she saw the Easter eggs, “those weren’t there before!”

The girls searched the area and found three eggs, one for each of them.

Lucy showed them a lovely place to sit. Rosie and Melinda convinced her to go back to the village with them, weren’t the others going to be surprised!

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Easter Nests

Tabitha Hazlewood looked around her, so many excited children were chatting to one another as she led them to a little clearing in the woods. All the little ones were excited because Grandpa Cottontail or Mr. Cottontail as they called him, would come and teach them how to make Easter baskets for the Easterbunny to lay his eggs in.

Finally, they spotted two figures on the horizon, Mr. Cottontail and his grandson, Charlie.

“Quieten down children! Poor Mr. Cottontail will feel quite overwhelmed with all this chattering!” Tabitha called.

Immediatly, the chattering went from shouting to quiet whispers. Mr. Cottontail approached and Charlie ran to his friends.

“Hello children!” Mr. Cottontail exclaimed, looking at the eager faces all around him.

“Hello Mr. Cottontail” the group chorused.

“Sit down little ones, who would like to be my helper?”

Everyone put their hands up at once, just like they were taught to by Mrs. Hazlewood, all of them wanted to be a helper! Mr. Cottontail selected Emily Beaman and the little girl glowed as she got him a bundle of plant material.

“So, first of all, you want to squish it down like this..” he instructed, demonstrating. Soon, he had a lovely little Easter nest.

“Now its your turn!”

Everyone quickly got into pairs and Tabitha handed out the materials to the children, who were eager to get started, after all, Easter Sunday was two days away! The children soon had all of the materials and started to make their Easter nests while Mr. Cottontail and Tabitha floated around, helping.

“Wow! These look amazing!” Mr. Cottontail and Tabitha exclaimed when they collected up the nests and put them in the wheel barrow.

Just then, Grandma Cottontail arrived, she had been helping Sorrel prepare her carrot pie.

“Shall we teach Mr and Mrs. Cottontail our special Easter dance and song?” Tabitha asked,

“Yes! Yes!” came the answer

“One hoppy bunny comes dressed in green,

When we wake up he has already been,

Hop and Hop,

Easter Egg!

Hop and Hop,

Easter Sunday!…..”

I am so excited for Easter, I need to go and plan my story….




The Grandparents are Here!

The Cottontail rabbits awoke to another wonderful morning, the sky was cloudy but Henry Hazlewood had said that it would clear up. Aaron was boiling the kettle, ready to make tea for him and his wife while their three children made their beds upstairs.

Little Charlie had some nice hot cocoa with his brother Peter. As Willow sat down, there was a knock on the door. It was Rosie Buttermilk, Willows friend, who had come to pick her up for the flower gathering that they had arranged at school the previous day. Grabbing a piece of rabbit shaped toast, Willow ran after Rosie.

Sorrel Cottontail had come back from her morning shop to find Willow already back from her flower gathering.

“Why? Willow, I thought you would be gone for two hours at the least!” she exclaimed

“I know mother, but you see, Melinda Cakebread has to help plant some flowers for the flower garden and then she has to help to spring clean” Willow replied unhappily, “But, I did pick some daisies which were growing at the side of the Bakery” she added quickly. They both entered the house.

“Now don’t they look lovely?!” Sorrel commented, seeing the pretty flowers that Willow had collected.

Willow hunted around the house, trying to find a vase to put her flowers in, unssuccesful, she settled on the glass jug from the blender and put the flowers in that.

“Hello, Hello!” said a friendly voice behind them, it was Lupin Macavity who was delivering the mail.

“Lupin, do sit down for a cup of tea!” exclaimed Sorrel, getting the teacups out. It was not uncommon that Lupin should pop in every now and then.

“So how are you?” she asked.

” I am very good, Mother has her hands ful cleaning and I shall take the three little ones to the playground to get them out of the way. Oh, and before I forget, there is a letter for you Mrs. Cottontail! All the way from Clover Creek”

“My goodness! It must be Mother writting all about their travel to the Island of Rut, have a nice day Lupin, your mother I am sure is waiting for you!”

“Bye Sorrel, I can come for tea another time”Lupin replied and with that he was off, to take the energetic babies to the playground.

Sorrel sat down on the sofa and called all of the family together, they all loved hearing from Grandma and Grandpa.


Dearest Sorrel,

We had a splendind time on the Island of Rut, visiting all sorts of small villages, I made a new friend. Wonderful woman she is, Hazel Dappledawn, living with her granddaughter Rhianna in just a little cottage. My, Christopher said she made the most wonderful sandwiches he had ever tasted, I must say, they were very nice… Not quite as nice as mine ofcourse in my opinion.

How are you my darling daughter? And your family? I hear that there are some new villagers, Poodles I believe. Charlie sent me a most wonderful drawing.

Now for the exciting news, Christopher and I are moving to Dandelion Creek! Isn’t that exciting? We are arriving on the 10th of April-

“The 10th of April!” Aaron exclaimed, “But thats today!”

Peter mumbled something about an April Fools Day joke and Sorrle looked at him crossly.

Very soon the whole family except little Charlie were busy claning the house. Willow scrubbed the floors upstairs and Aaron the windows.

After making a delicious carrot cake, Sorrel cleaned the kitchen and polished the table and the oven while Peter went to get the washing in.

Soon, the whole house was sparkling and all of the cleaning supplies had been put away when there was a knock on the door-Grandma and Grandpa! The whole family rushed out to hug them. Catherine and Christopher Cottontail had arrived! The first Grandparents of the village!

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