Final Organizations

“NO! For the 32nd time today, NO, you CANNOT have a doughnut!”

“But why?! I haven’t had one in the past TWO days!” Patrick Dante tried to reason with his flustered fiance.

“Because you are on a diet!” replied a very exasperated Primrose Keats.

“Why? The wedding trousers are to big for me anyway!”

“They were supposed to fit someone who was a lot taller than you!” she pointed out wisely.

“Well, what if my trousers fall down in the middle of the wedding?”

“You will wear a belt so that won’t happen!”

“But it might!” Patrick whined, the lack of doughnuts really getting to him now. Primrose just put on her very best scowl and looked at him sharply. “So can I have one?”

“Aaargh!” Primrose exclaimed, clearly very frustrated. She was already stressed with the wedding planning and the constant pestering for doughnuts by Patrick wasn’t helping. She half considered to give in but then decided against it. No, she didn’t want to be mending the bursting seams at the top of his normal trousers during their honeymoon.

“Hello there!” came a friendly voice behind the pair before they could continue their disagreement. It was Melissa Cakebread who Primrose never had a proper conversation with yet had been told she knew the children of Dandelion Creek well. Not quite as well as Tabitha Hazelnut though who was out on a shopping trip to the next village along with her husband Henry. Together, they were the closest friends the couple had.

“Hello Melissa! Do take a seat!” Primrose smiled warmly.

“Thank you, I will. Now, bridesmaids, ring boy and groomsmen now is it?”

Just then Clara Macavity came up the stairs and to their little table. She had plates, cups and forks on her serving tray and began to set them out on the table.

“I asked Alonzo if he would bring up something for us” Melissa quickly explained as she saw the questioning looks Patrick and Primrose were giving her. “So, Patrick, do you have any idea who you would like your best man and groomsmen to be?”

“Yes, I only really know one person who would be my best man but I am not sure who my groomsmen should be”

“Yes, Patrick likes the other men equally but I don’t think there is enough room up at the front for all” Primrose explained after she had a quick word with Clara.

“Would it be possible if I didn’t have any groomsmen?” Patrick asked hopefully.

“Well sure! It is your wedding after all! Oh look, here comes Alonzo!”

“Cake?” Alonzo asked.

“Wow!” there was a collective gasp from the trio as they saw the cake.

“Cream, strawberries, spices… you are amazing Alonzo!” Primrose sighed happily, she found that Alonzo was a very good friend who she could always count on. Alonzo gave her the first piece and then proceeded to cut another one. Patrick’s mouth watered at the sight of the generous slice Alonzo had cut, it looked so delicious!

“I am sorry, I have run out of two of the spices that make up my special spice mix so it doesn’t taste as good as it usually does.”

“Alonzo! It still tastes really good!” Melissa commented after she had eaten a fork full of the slice he had just past her.

“And a slice of bunny toast for you Patrick!” Alonzo presented Patrick with a flourish who stared filled with disappointment down at his plate. “Heard you were on a diet Patrick, enjoy!” Alonzo added as he went down the stairs again.

“Don’t worry Patrick, you will get cake at you wedding.” Melissa stated.

“But that is in like 1, 2, 3, 4… so many days away!” he glared at the smiling toast in disgust, obviously wishing it would magically turn into the cake Melissa and Primrose had. It didn’t happen.

“Hulooo!” Aristotle Treefellow greeted.

“Good morning” chorused three voices.

Primrose jumped up “Are these the children you have chosen?” she asked Aristotle and Melissa.

“Yes, Skimble Macavity, Claire Golightly and Bilberry Bramble”

“My bridesmaids! How lovely! You will look such dears in the dresses I have arranged for you!” Primrose gushed happily.

“Me wear no dress! Me no bird maid! Me the bestest ring boy ever!” Bilberry cried out and hugged Primrose.

“Awww!” everyone chorused.

“I know you will do an amazing job Bilberry!” Primrose encouraged through his soft spikes.

“Well, I am quite sorry Miss Keats but these children need to get back to their groups. Skimble and Bilberry you have story time and Claire, you are not getting out of that mathematics test I have told the class to study for.” Aristotle interrupted in his usual important way.

“Alright children, see you tomorrow at 3 for your clothes fitting” Primrose slowly let go of the little hedgehog in her arms.

Reluctantly, she sat back down at the table to start eating her cake to find it gone! Accusingly she looked at Patrick who was whistling softly as he started to eat his toast.

Hello everyone! I took these photos just now and I guess they will do. Unfortunately for the past week the weather has been cloudy or too sunny so I decided to take them just a few hours ago but it was still too sunny so they didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked them to. Can you guess who ate Primrose’s cake? I am sure you can! Next post will be the actual wedding!

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Wedding Clothes Shopping; One is Full of Apprehension

Primrose Keats had finally found her fiance who had been in the Bakery devouring a sugary doughnut. Now Primrose had dragged Patrick into the Country Market where they both saw Mrs. Cottontail tending to a customer.

“And are you quite sure she will receive this letter before next week?” Melinda Cakebread asked worriedly,

“Yes dear, I am sure she will receive the letter before then, you have nothing to worry about” Sorrel Cottontail reassured the young poodle.

“Alright, thank you Mrs. Cottontail!” Melinda called as she marched out of the shop.

“You’re welcome Melinda!”

“Hello Sorrel, I am back again!” Primrose exclaimed, embracing the rabbit with a warm hug. “Now, I hear you have a fancy outfit for Patrick here?”

“Oh yes I do!” Sorrel responded and pulled out a pile of folded clothes for Patrick to try on. First the pants, then the shirt and then the jacket.

“Oh Patrick! What ever have you done to your button?! It is loose but I only fixed it last week! What have you been up to?” Primrose started fussing over the shirt. In reply, Patrick only mumbled something about a ‘rogue tree branch’.

Patrick looked at himself, he was dressed in pale blue silk trousers, a crisp white collared shirt which had a bit of lace on it and a pearl button, over this was a pale, also silk,  blue jacket. He sucked his tummy in, “This is far too tight! I can hardly breathe!”

“Well if you didn’t spend so much time wolfing down those doughnuts then maybe you wouldn’t have that problem!” Primrose exclaimed crossly.

Patrick frowned and then scowled at his outfit, “I don’t like this, I am not wearing this, it is scratchy and itchy and uncomfortable and…” he trailed off and realized he was losing this battle”And it is too tight and…. Doesn’t go with our colour theme?” he finished hopefully.

Primroses heart softened at the puppy eyed look he was giving her “Alright, I guess you are right about that.” she agreed finally “Get changed out of it then”.

Patrick willingly got changed out of that awfully uncomfortable suit and into his comfortable cotton olive trousers.

“Well hello everyone!” Henry Hazlewood greeted the group “Here is the waiters outfit, maybe this will work for you Patrick!”

“Thank you so much Henry!” Sorrel thanked him and gave the carefully ironed outfit to Patrick to change.

Primrose helped her husband to get onto the suit. The whole outfit was made out of a comfortable material which Patrick liked as it still looked smart but is still comfortable. He straightened his bow tie and looked expectantly at Primrose.

“No dear, take that off, you look too much like a waiter in it” Primrose flustered and pulled off the little jacket thing which she disliked.

“There, perfect!”

“Yes, I like it, it is comfortable, stylish but is a little bit too large around the waist area” Patrick responded “I need to eat some more doughnuts to fill the gap!”

Primrose scowled disapprovingly at him but then her expression slowly changed into a grin. “Oh no you don’t, I can tighten the waistband”

Henry and Sorrel smiled happily at Patrick who was looking quite relieved and a glowing Primrose who gave Patrick a big kiss on the cheek, making him blush slightly.

“That is the one! Thank you Henry, I will gladly wear this!”

“And it goes perfectly with our colour scheme too!”

Henry hung the suit carefully onto the coat hangers and left the store. He would bring the suit to the Beaman household so that all the outfits would be in one place. While Henry was on his way to the Beamans’, Patrick was getting changed and Primrose had another look in the ‘Trips to the Countryside’ book.

“Can I take this book with me Sorrel? I will bring it back!”

“Yes of course Primrose, here, take it!” Sorrel handed her the book.

“Thanks Sorrel! We really need to go now. Hurry up Patrick! I need to talk to Tabitha about something!”

The happy couple smiled at each other as they exited the shop. Primrose held the book with one hand and Patrick’s hand with the other. Their outfits were done, now they just needed to organize bridesmaids and groomsmen clothes! And, who would their bridesmaids and groomsmen be?

Too be continued…

Why hello everyone! I have actually been organized these holidays, (sort of anyway) and have written 4 posts and have taken photos for another 3! That should get us through this upcoming term of school when I don’t have the creativity to post anything (I hope). So, how did you like the story? I think I will probably do maybe one more story in this small Wedding Series thing before the actual wedding, I still need to photograph that. I have also updated the ‘Meet the Critters’ page if you want to have a look.

Do you have any ideas for what they could do for their honeymoon when they get married?

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Wedding Clothes Shopping; One is Excited

Wedding Clothes Shopping; One is Excited

After several months of living at the outskirts of Dandelion Creek in a small tent, Primrose Keats decided to finally tackle the job of planning her and her fiance Patrick’s wedding. Today Primrose had decided to select her wedding dress and the outfit for Patrick at the local Country Market. She met her best friend Tabitha Hazlewood in front of the small shop. As she was about to enter, Evangeline Beaman called out to her.

“Tabitha! Primrose! What are you doing this lovely day?”

“I am going to help Primrose select her wedding dress!” Tabitha replied happily, she could remember just what she had felt when she chose her wedding dress.

“Would you like to join us Evangeline?” Primrose asked, “I hear you have been to quite a number of weddings yourself”

“So I have, people always seem to ask for my opinion on such these things”

“Well could you help us? I know Sorrel will also be here but I would love to have another persons opinion”

“Alright, I need to help Elliot with a few things in about an hours time but until them, I can help you”

“Oooh! Ladies! I am just so excited!” Sorrel Cottontail exclaimed as her friends entered the Country Market “I have a dress here just now, if you don’t find anything you want to wear then you can of course go to Pumpkinvilles or Violet Village to have a look there”

Primrose smiled sweetly at the female rabbit in the floral yellow dress. “Yes, I can hardly wait! I have brought a few friends, I hope you don’t mind”

“No, not at all, in fact, I do like the fact you have brought some friends, it help when you have others who can help you make decisions.” Sorrel responded quickly, she then pulled out a box labeled ‘wedding clothes’.

Evangeline pulled out a blanket which she had found to give the soon-to-be-Mrs.-Dante some privacy while she was getting changed as the shop bore no curtains. She held one end while pinching the other end between a pink rocking horse and one of the shelves on which stood a range of bathroom accessories. Tabitha in the meanwhile was trying to calm down her friend who was fidgeting nervously. Sorrel had gotten out a dress for Primrose to try on.

“This is the wedding dress I have, I think it will go very well with your colour scheme of cream and purple.”

“Great! I will try it on. Could you maybe hold something so people from the service window can’t see me while I am getting changed?”

Tabitha pulled out a blanket from the newborn baby section and handed it to Sorrel who held it up.

Primrose tried on the dress and got Tabitha to do up the back and tie the ribbon.

Slowly, she turned around, hopefully eyeing her female friends. Tabitha bit her lip, Evangeline looked down while Sorrel, being the upfront person she is said “Just no, you look… not good”

Primrose’s smile faded as she looked down at herself, the dress didn’t look quite right on her, the colour of it made her fur look dull.

“You cannot wear that, it makes your fur look grey” Evangeline responded, tugging at the dress “It doesn’t feel very nice too.” She was quickly silenced by the look on Tabitha’s face, this dress had been the one she had gotten married in. “This dress suited Tabitha perfectly but you? No, let’s have a look at the other options.”

Sorrel looked sideways “Unfortunately that is the only wedding dress we have right now” There was silence, Primrose had insisted all of her things for the wedding would be sourced from the village. “But, we can have a look at a fancy dress I have”

“Can I have a mirror?” Primrose asked as soon as the dress was securely fitted. One look told her that this was not a dress to get married in. This was a dress to wear into a fancy town but not to wear when getting married.

The colour and design also clashed with her carefully chosen colour scheme of cream and purple. Sorrel meanwhile had another good look when she found a box which contained a dress, completely white and made out of silk. It was a wedding dress which Sorrel had been gifted when she had gotten married all those years ago but hadn’t worn.

Two figures stood outside the service window and peered in at the happenings in the shop.

“I found this, try it on.”

“This looks a lot better than the other dress I tried on before”

“Now this is what I call a nice dress, yes, it feels nice as well”

“You will look amazing!”

“Ugh! I feel like I am wearing a life jacket!”

“Just wait a minute! I still have to put the straps in place!”

“Patience! Stop fidgeting girl!”

“I think this is the one!”

“I love it!”

“That’s the one!”

“Sorrel darling?!” Catherine Cottontail called to her daughter through the window.

“Yes Mother?” Sorrel responded and held the blanket up for Primrose to change.

“Your Father and I are here for our herbal healing tea”

“I am coming Mother!”

Primrose had decided on the last gown which made her look absolutely stunning, she could hardly wait for the wedding. While Evangeline helped to smooth down her ruffeled fur, Tabitha placed the dress carefully into a prettily decorated black box.

Sorrel in the mean time was grinding and mixing together the herbal healing tea for her parents. Dried peppermint, daisies, roses, thyme, basil, lavender oil and many more things were combined.

Just then Evangeline announced that it was time for her to go as she had overseen the time and now her husband had come looking for her. He greeted the ladies politely before pulling his wife out the door, carrying the black box containing the wedding dress. Evangeline would bring the box again when it was time for Primrose to get ready for the wedding.

“Just one question before I find Patrick, Sorrel, where would you recommend the wedding to be held? Tabitha said anywhere it would be lovely but I wondered if you knew any particularly pretty places?”

“I have to agree with Tabitha, the wedding would be lovely anywhere but I have a book here, it is called ‘Trips to the Countryside’. There are some nice places mentioned in there”

Tabitha flicked through the book and paused on a page on the West Woodland region, there was a page on beautiful places around Dandelion Creek.

“See, this clearing is very nice here, and this one, I wouldn’t recommend this one here though, there are too many insects here and this meadow is muddy at the moment.” Sorrel was saying

“Yes, I would recommend this one or that one” Tabitha suggested, pointing at two photos in the book. Sorrel got out a pencil and circled them.

“Well, thank you! I need to get Patrick’s approval of course but I think one of these two are the place” Primrose concluded, “I can hardly wait for the wedding! I will just go and find where Patrick is hiding, he has been avoiding me ever since I said I was going to start planning the wedding, I wonder why?”

Sorrel and Tabitha looked at each other, they had a good idea why Patrick might be avoiding Primrose. Their husbands had hated getting fussed over while choosing their outfits for the wedding.

Too be continued…

Hello everyone! I had to get this posted if the wedding was going to be held before the winter. I have quite a few posts planned for the ‘wedding series’ and I don’t want to have their wedding in winter, it is autumn already. To think I wanted to have this wedding in spring! Lots of time has past since then!

Hugs, Emily

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