Meet the Critters

Come and meet the friendly villagers who are always willing to lend a paw!

Slydale Fox Family

Slick Slydale

Slick Slydale is a quite a strong man! Young children are often scared by his big and manly appearance but his warm personality usually quickly wins them over. He is known for being a real softie under his skin though he would never admit it to anyone except for maybe his wife Velvette. For a job Slick does anything to do with construction or carpentry, that could be something as large as renovating a house for example or something as simple as mending a broken chair leg.

Velvette Slydale

Velvette Slydale is a bustling woman who likes to wear large dresses because she is all for comfort. Her greatest pride are her three children, Buster, Daisy and Skitter. You will always see Velvette to be very enthusiastic when the local school or nursery holds or announces an event or performance! Washing clothes and bed spreads is also one of her favourite things to so it is no wonder that she is friends with Tabitha Hazlewood who also loves to wash and has a brand new washing line!

Buster Slydale

Buster Slydale is known for his large array of pranks and jokes he plays on everyone. He is forever teasing his twin sister for being named after a flower and is constantly saying things like ‘Oh my precious petal!’ or ‘Are you quite sure you are alright Daisy diddums?!’ or ‘Rise and shine little flower, delicate Daisy dear!’. Of course he gets along very well with Rumpus Macavity, the boys are quite similar!

Daisy Slydale

Daisy Slydale is not a ‘delicate flower petal’ as her brother calls her. She is in fact a very confident young fox who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Perhaps that is the reason why her twin brother Buster insists of teasing her about her ‘soft and delicate’ first name. Being quite tall for her age, Daisy uses it to her advantage when she is picked to be the leader of groups projects, she can become quite intimidating when she scold her peers for not pulling their own weight, looking very much like her mother Velvette as she does so.

Skitter Slydale

Skitter Slydale is the toddler of the family who is simply adored by everyone. His large eyes makes it hard for anyone to resist him and a few of the girls at nursery are already swooning over him. His mother Velvette believes that he will grow up to be a simply handsome fellow! Skitter likes to drink peppermint tea for some reason, ever since he tried his father Slick’s tea a year ago.

Wildwood Rabbit Family

Herb Wildwood

Herb Wildwood is all about being the best husband and father he can be! He loves his children and greatly prefers Ginger’s simple cooking over some overly lavish restaurant dish as her dishes make him feel ‘whole and fulfilled’ again after a long day in the country side. Not only that, he likes the family atmosphere that is present when the family eats together in their home and he feels that you can only get that feeling when the family is eating delicious home cooked food!

Ginger Wildwood

Ginger Wildwood loves to organize and plan garden parties. Naturally, this makes her a very social woman as sylvanians love her organized events as they are always fun and Ginger is full of an enticing warmth which seems to attract everyone! She likes to provide very rustic and simple meals for her family consisting of mainly root vegetables which she cooks into delicious stews.

Rusty Wildwood

Rusty Wildwood likes music and plays all sorts of instruments. He can’t choose which instrument he likes best because he likes to play so many! Everyone in the village who wants to learn an instrument goes to him as he is known not only for his extensive knowledge on nearly anything to do with music but also for his patience to teach. He really wants to play in an orchestra or band when he grows up and then open his very own music school!

Hollie Wildwood

Hollie Wildwood loves to bake just like her mother! When her mother is organizing a garden party she would often volunteer to do the baking, whether it is cakes, pies, cookies, anything! The only part about baking Hollie doesn’t like is the cleaning up and dish washing part of it sometimes she bribes her brother Rusty with the promise of cake to do it for her. After school and on weekend she sometimes helps out at the Bakery. Not for money but to improve her skills and to improve her knowledge of all things baking!

Moss Reindeer Family

Cameron Moss

Cameron Moss is the publisher of Dandelion Creek’s newspaper, the Daily Dandelion. He has always wanted to start a newspaper but in the village he lived in before he moved to Dandelion Creek, they already had their own newspaper. When he found out that Dandelion Creek didn’t have a newspaper, he seized the opportunity! Cameron enjoys to look through motor car magazines in his spare time along with spending time with his family and of course, thinking about articles for the Daily Dandelion.

Rowena Moss

Rowena Moss is a very busy and organized lady. She likes her family to look organized and tidy at all times so she can often be found straightening their clothes and brushing their hair in place. Rowena is the editor of the Daily Dandelion and loves he his job very much.  When she is not doing something for the Daily Dandelion, she spend time with her family or reads mystery novels.

Buck Moss

Buck Moss doesn’t have it too easy in life. He isn’t as interested in the newspaper as his parents and sister are. However, he does help his mother sometimes by giving realistic and honest opinions about her writing. Buck prefers to do outdoorsy things like canoeing over doing something as ‘boring’ as reading a book or writing something.

Juniper Moss

Juniper Moss wants to be just like her Dad when she grows up! She wants to take over the Daily Dandelion some day and help publish articles. Everyday Juniper spends some of her time to help scout out topics for articles for her mother. She also enjoys reading mystery novels just like her mother does!


Buckley Deer Family

Rupert Buckley

Rupert Buckley is a man who loves his Sudoku and crosswords. He collects all sorts of puzzle books and enjoys sitting down to complete a Sudoku or two before bedtime or after a long, hard day at work. Rupert is a teacher at the local Dandelion Creek school as the classes have become too large for just Aristotle Treefellow to manage. Every Saturday these two men get together to plan lessons for the upcoming week, a task they both enjoy as the meetings are held in the village Bakery, with free donuts provided!

Agatha Buckley

Agatha Buckley sometimes helps out with Art lessons at the local school but mainly helps Tabitha Hazelwood at the Dandelion Creek nursery. She loves little children and is usually one of the first people that is asked if any babysitting is needing to be done. All of the children adore her (not only her own) as she has a unique ability to make up stories on the spot that enchant the little ones. No wonder all the toddlers look forward to going to the Nursery!

Freddie Buckley

Freddie Buckley is a very organized boy who would like to be either a teacher like his Dad or a mayor like Elliot Beaman someday. He is quite patient and loves to help and teach others, which is why he thinks he may like teaching, but he also loves to organize which is why he thinks being a  mayor may be fun too. Like his father, he also adores Sudoku, colouring and crosswords as it gives him great satisfaction once the empty white spaces are filled in with letters, numbers or colours.

Maria Buckley

Maria Buckley is very good at crafts. She like painting a lot, which is why she enjoys helping at the Nursery with Art lessons when she can. Lately she has enjoyed embroidering and has gotten quite good at that too. Her and Molly Clearwater often meet up after school now to embroider together, as Molly is very good at it and is happy to help a sometimes struggling Maria. Next she wants to try making her own painting pigments with her mother.

Oscar Buckley

Oscar Buckley is a happy little boy who loves his Mothers stories or sitting on his Fathers lap when he does his nightly puzzles. Despite his young age, he is already beginning to read simple words and flips through every book he can get his hands on. Aristotle Treefellow and him spend a lot of time together as Aristotle is helping him further develop his reading skills so that he is able to understand more of the books he grabs.

Fielding Mouse Family

Darcy Fielding

Darcy Fielding is a furniture builder like Aaron Cottontail and it is no wonder that both of them are very good friends. Darcy enjoys to build things with his youngest son Jamie, most commonly block towers but Jamie does sometimes help his father by passing him tools while he is building furniture. On a free afternoon he likes to sit on a bench in the sun and fill in crosswords, his wife gave him a book of crosswords for Christmas and he has nearly finished it!

Bridget Fielding

Bridget Fielding likes her whole family to look neat and tidy. Therefore she is very cross when Daniel comes inside covered in paint from his art class. Bridget loves to wash and iron her families clothes to make them look clean and neat, and she can often be found near a washing line, hanging up wet clothes. A thing that Bridget likes to do is to go and have tea with her friends, her favourite type of tea is chamomile with a tad of honey.

Daniel Fielding

Daniel Fielding is a very good artist. His favourite medium is to use acrylic or water colour paints which he uses to create wonderful artworks on canvases. He likes to paint either abstract or landscapes, portraits he finds too annoying to do. Of course, art is Daniel’s favourite subject at school and he even takes an art extension class on some days with Mrs. Buckley (who teaches art at school). He hopes that one day he will have his own art exposition and be a popular artist.

Maisie Fielding

Maisie Fielding is a quiet girl and Mr. Treefellow’s favourite student (though he insists he doesn’t have one) because she loves literature almost as much as he does! She is also good friends with Tillie Dappledawn who shares her passion for books. Maisie also enjoys sketching and sometimes she uses her brothers paints to fill in the sketches she has drawn. She also loves the same chamomile tea and honey mixture that her mother loves so they can often be seen drinking tea together.

Jamie Fielding

Jamie Fielding loves to spend time with his dad! He really likes to build block towers and help his dad with his furniture building. One day he wants to become a furniture builder, just like his dad!

Macavity Cat Family

Alonzo Macavity

Alonzo Macavity is a kind, family man who loves doing things with his wife and children. He and Caroline did a parent roles swap so knows how difficult it is to be a mother and therefore brings Caroline breakfast in bed every Sunday. He also runs the village Bakery and wakes up very early in the morning to bake bread which is absolutely delicious so that many of the villagers get up early to get the freshest and warmest loafs of bread!

Caroline Macavity

Caroline Macavity also helps out at the Bakery and she specializes in making shaped toasts and buns which are very popular with the children (and adults!) in the village. Being a mother of seven children is not an easy job but Caroline loves almost every minute of it, her children bring her so much joy. Some of her favorite things to do are to bake and then close the Bakery for an hour and taking a morning stroll along the river.

Lupin Macavity

Lupin Macavity is not so sure if he wants to some day run the Bakery as he is not such a good baker himself. He would much rather do some sort of woodwork and has befriended Aaron Cottontail and Eric Bramble who build furniture and construct all sorts of things. Fishing is another one of his favorite things to do so regularly arranges Father Son days where he, his younger brother Rumpus and his Father go fishing together.

Clara Macavity

Clara Macavity is very ladylike. She prides herself in her well dressed appearance and her near perfect manners. When she is not chatting with some other females in the community or drinking tea, she can be found most likely sitting under a tree either reading a romance novel or sewing something. She has recently taken up quilting as well. Of course being the eldest daughter in the household, she is expected to help clean and cook but does this rather willingly. Clara refuses to call her younger sister Asparagus by her real name since it is “unladylike” calling her sister a vegetable and therefore has resorted to calling her Aspa.

Rumpus Macavity

Rumpus Macavity loves to wind his sister Asparagus up. One of his favorite ways to get his sister annoyed at him is to, whenever they have asparagus, is to chase his sister round and round the room with a fork shouting “come here vegetable! I want to eat you asparagus”. His mother Caroline often sends him to his room because of this but Rumpus always thinks it is worth it. He has a passion for football but would rather tease his sister than play.

Asparagus Macavity

Asparagus Macavity hates it when her brother Rumpus teases her about her name. Some of her new nicknames include Veggie and Asparagus wishy washy because she really dislikes washing the dishes. Asparagus would like to learn an instrument but has not yet decided which one she would like to play, there are just so many options! But with a friend like Megan Appleseed, she will soon find an instrument that she wants to learn to play.

Skimble Macavity

Skimble Macavity is a good little girl who likes to please her family. She often makes little presents out of things she has found or collected out on a walk such as flowers, pretty pebbles, oddly shaped leaves and so much more! One of her favorite treats are her Mothers cat shaped breads, they are so light and fluffy!

Electra & Etcetera Macavity

Electra & Etcetera Macavity are quite quiet babies who like nothing better than to be taken around in their pram. Etcetera is always at the front since he really enjoys looking about while his twin sister Electra finds that all of this fresh air makes her very sleepy and mostly naps at the back of the pram.

Beaman Cat Family

 Elliot Beaman

Elliot Beaman is the Mayor of Dandelion Creek and enjoys his job very much though it is a lot of very hard work and a big commitment which takes up a lot of time. He does manage the workload well and loves to spend the rest of his day with his family. Elliot loves having adventures and traveling but at the moment travel and adventure is at the back of his mind, he has a village to run, a family and orphans to reunite with their families. Elliot is very social and has an even bigger heart.

Evangeline Beaman

Evangeline Beaman likes everything and everyone to be neat and tidy. In the Beamans house, there has not been a messy room for years! Evangeline prides herself in her immaculate appearance and perfect manners and therefore expects her children and husband to do the same! She also has a sense of adventure (not as great as her husbands) and a warm heart to others. Evangeline fully supports her husband and children and tries to help them cope with any problems they may have.

Eddie Beaman

Eddie Beaman is a very outdoorsy sort of person and can always be found outside in the fresh air playing football or climbing trees. Football can sometimes get very muddy so he gets a telling off from his mother about the state of his clothes but Eddie thinks it is worth it. It embarrasses him when his mother is fussing around him in front of his friends though but knows that soon he will be allowed to go outside and play- after that collar is straightened and fur is brushed.

Lucille Beaman

Lucille Beaman is a good girl that does nearly everything to please her family, she does what she is told and a whole heap more and gets many rewards for her good behavior. She and her friends like to collect flowers and do arts and craft with them though Lucille always remembers to put a cloth down before gluing unlike her brother Eddie who once glued a rock to the kitchen table!

Emily Beaman

Emily Beaman is such a sweet little girl that everyone fusses over her. She enjoys this very much but sometimes wants her own space. One of her various interests is picking flowers and giving them to random sylvanians she sees. Lately she has always wanted to go to the playground since all of her friends are always there and her mother is grateful that around the area there is no mud for her to get dirty in so allows her to go.

Pickle & Sprout Beaman

Pickle and Sprout Beaman are happy little babies and love nothing better than to sit in their pram and be wheeled around by their mother. Both are very happy when they are taken along to grocery shopping trips because they get to hold the food!

Clearwater Vole Family

Sybil Clearwater

Sybil Clearwater is a kind woman with a personality with draws people in. Her laugh is contagious and no one can recall a day where Sybil seemed sad. Even when she is very flustered and stressed she is still smiling. Sybil loves to sew so it is no wonder that she is the village’s seamstress! Recently she bought the latest sewing machine, the Daisy 1000 which allows her to sew her things a lot quicker!

Molly Clearwater

Molly Clearwater is learning to sew from her Mother. She can already make a great number of things but Molly is eager to learn how to do so much more! Molly can be shy around others but when she opens up she is warm and bubbly just like her mother Sybil. Her favourite pastime is to gently swing on a swing and observe the nature around her while working on some hand sewing or embroidery.

Dappledawn Rabbit Family

Herbage Dappledawn

Herbage Dappledawn is a warm and loving father who always has a big smile on his face. Family means everything to him and he spends as much time as he can with his wife and two children. Taking walks in the countryside, reading and gardening are some of his favourite things to do, well, especially gardening. He has a veggie patch where he grows the finest vegetables which he sells in the village.

Theodora Dappledawn

Theodora Dappledawn is as warm and inviting as her husband! She loves having visitors around and never lets them leave without a slice of her delicious pies or scrumptious cakes. Needles to say, everyone always enjoys their visits!

Radish Dappledawn

Radish Dappledawn is a kind and considerate boy who likes to keep to himself most of the time but when he has a good idea he will speak up and share it as his ideas are often brilliant! Painting and drawing are his favourite things to do as well as writing stories. One day he wants to publish his own children’s book with his own illustrations to go with it.

Tillie Dappledawn

Tillie Dappledawn is similar to her brother Radish but prefers reading over writing the stories themselves. She gets on very well with her teacher, Aristotle Treefellow as he shares her love of books, well, Aristotle loves books a tad more but they still get along splendidly.

Hazel Dappledawn

Hazel Dappledawn is a very kind old lady who loves knitting for her grandchildren and anyone in general. Of the seasons, she likes autumn the best as it is cold enough that she can wear he pink shawl which she loves but it is not too cold. The masses of golden leaves on the ground is another thing she likes about autumn, the colours are always so pretty at this time of year.

Cottontail Rabbit Family

Aaron Cottontail

Aaron Cottontail is a very good furniture builder and is a master with wood. Some of his favorite pastimes are carving, sleeping and spending time with his family. Whether it is a holiday in Sylvanian City, a day trip to the seaside or just an evening storytelling or board game, he manages to squeeze something in. Another one of his hobbies is growing his own vegetables for his wife Sorrel to cook with, he is always sure to plant a large amount of carrots since they are the families favorite vegetable.

Sorrel Cottontail

Sorrel Cottontail loves to cook with all of her husbands fresh vegetables and wants to plant some fruit trees. She makes the best carrot pies in the whole village so others always look forward to eating it if they have the opportunity. Sorrels nickname is Mopsy since she used to love to mop the floors when she was little. She only allows her husband to call her that and very close friends. Sorrel works at the Country Market and spends many hours talking and selling there.

Peter Cottontail

Peter Cottontail or also known as Peter Rabbit, is very sporty. He trains for no reason and is always winning running events since he is very fast. When he is not running he likes to climb trees and play football with his friends.

Willow Cottontail

Willow Cottontail or Flopsy (She used to be very clumsy) is sporty like her older brother Peter, she also wins many sports events but is hopeless at the sack race. Sorrel once tried to get Willow into embroidery but with out success. Willow is much happier to be with her friends than to do embroidery or babysit her little brother Charlie.

Charlie Cottontail

Charlie Cottontail, sometimes called Cottontail is everything Sorrel could have ever wished for. When the rest of the family is outside little Charlie prefers to play indoors with his toys or watch her knit or be read to. This perfect little angel has wonderful manners for such a little boy and everyone in the family just love him to bits.

Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents

Christopher Cottontail

Christopher Cottontail is a retired clock maker. He is a very easy going man who loves his peace and quiet and reading the newspaper with a cup of tea. Christopher also enjoys being around his grown up daughter Sorrel and of course his three grandchildren, Willow, Peter and little Charlie. Sometimes he takes Charlie on his morning walks and teaches him about all sorts of different plants. He can’t help feel full of pride when he sees Charlie sharing his knowledge with some of his friends at Nursery.

Catherine Cottontail

Catherine Cottontail is a grandmother everyone wishes they had. She is loving and kind and always has a hug to give. She can be quite firm at times but her grandchildren love her cookies, cakes and bedtime stories. Everyday, Catherine and Christopher pop by the Country Market where they drink herbal tea and read the newspaper.

Dante Cat Family

*Photo and description to be updated soon to include Larkin Dante.

Patrick Dante

Patrick Dante’s is nearly always cheerful and with a smile on his face, except when he gets scolded by his newly wed wife Primrose for eating too much. She says it is because he eats too many doughnuts. Patrick loves doughnuts, especially the ones with sugary icing which the local Bakery sells. Going to the Bakery is one of his favourite past times along with spending time with Primrose and the others from the village.

Primrose Dante

Primrose Dante loves her husband very much, even though she sometimes gets annoyed at his hearty love for doughnuts. She regularly drinks tea with her friend Tabitha Hazlewood at the Country Market and discusses the latest editions of her favourite magazine. Unlike most females, wash day is one of her favourite days of the week. She finds it very satisfying too see the once dirty clothes hanging up so clean and fresh on the washing line. Her happiest memory is their wedding day which was just perfect!

Appleseed Rabbit Family

Mimi Appleseed

Mimi Appleseed is best friends with Claire Golightly. They share the same interests, ballet and ice skating. Her favorite season is winter as then the lake freezes over and she can ice skate! Wrapping up warm and sipping hot chocolate are also things she loves very much and having your best friend by your side makes life just so much better.

Cakebread Poodle Family

Martin Cakebread

Martin Cakebread is friendly man who is always willing to help everyone. His cheerful attitude and twinkling eyes make him a villager everyone wants to be around.

Melissa Cakebread

Melissa Cakebread is very proud of her green fingers. She has a real passion for growing flowers and hers are always the most healthiest and most vibrant. She enjoys teaching others and hopes that the nursery or school will let her run a gardening program some day.

Marley Cakebread

Marley Cakebread is a tidy boy who likes to play the occasional game of  football but prefers to read. He is of the quieter sort who would much rather draw or something than play a rowdy sport.

Melinda Cakebread

Melinda Cakebread loves to go shopping with her friends. There are not many shops in Dandelion Creek to visit but the Country Market and Bakery are always fun to visit. Especially the Bakery where Mr. and Mrs. Macavity dish up the best doughnuts and cocoa.

Milo Cakebread

Milo Cakebread is a cheerful young poodle who is always smiling and singing!

Treefellow Owl Family

*Photo to be updated soon to improve quality of photo.

Aristotle Treefellow

Aristotle Treefellow teaches all the children in the village that are old enough to go to school, his favorite lesson is English because he loves to read and talk about books. He carries around with him around 15 books and rereads them constantly! The only times his wife can get him to put down his reading material is when he is eating or sleeping, or having a bath. His wife wishes that he was more social but he isn’t though he can get into very long debates about books.

Arabella Treefellow

Arabella Treefellow is very tidy and loves nothing better than to have a clean house, she gets very annoyed sometimes when Aristotle had another one of his school nature trips through the forest and gets mud all over her sparkling clean floors.

William Treefellow

William Treefellow in the blue likes to read almost as much as his father does. He can read already but likes to look at the pictures and listen to stories than read them himself.

Freddie Treefellow

Freddie Treefellow unfortunately takes after his father and is not very tidy like the rest of his siblings, he leaves his toys around everywhere and his mother is always telling him off when eating cake because he gets crumbs all over the table and chair, himself, anywhere really but his plate!

Henry Treefellow

Henry Treefellow is a very quiet boy who goes unnoticed most of the time but is very noisy with excitement when they are aloud to play on the big slide or outside at nursery. His favorite thing there is the seesaw.

Golighty Cat Family

Claire Golightly

Claire Golightly is a very girly girl, the total opposite of her younger sister Lucy. She loves to dance like the rest of her family, especially ballet. Her main hobby however is ice skating which she has been doing ever since she was just a little toddler! When the lake freezes over, she is the first to be on the ice and then the last to get off when the ice begins to melt. The only bad thing is, ice only forms in winter!

Lucy Golightly

Lucy Golightly is very adventurous. While her sister Claire is doing piles and all sorts of leaps, she is outside in nature. Swimming, climbing and camping are some of her favorite things which she does whenever she can. One day she wants to be a biologist or some sort of person who studies plants in nature as that fascinates her.

Hazlewood Mouse Family

Henry Hazlewood

Henry Hazlewood was once a famous chef but in the last couple of years he went traveling around the world and saw many countries. But his favorite was Austria because he liked fir tree forests, skiing, country side and their traditional clothes, dirdle and lederhosen. But now he works at his own restaurant called the Harvester Restaurant which is actually inside the old village store building which he has re decorated. He is very proud to have such a wonderful wife and daughter.

Tabitha Hazlewood

Tabitha Hazlewood is a very friendly lady. She loves working with children and her job is to run the village Nursery. At home though, Tabitha does the cooking since Henry is often shattered after his day. Wash day is very important to her but wishes that she had a proper washing line to hang her clothes on. Luckily, for Christmas, Henry and Mayor Elliot Beaman arranged for one to be built. You can imagine how thrilled Tabitha was to have her own proper washing line!

Evie Hazlewood

Evie Hazlewood loves having sleepovers and spending time with her friends. She is quite a cheerful little girl who may appear shy to others but quickly opens up when she is around her friends. You can often find her collecting flowers, no wonder her favourite season is spring!

Buttermilk Rabbit Family

Rosie Buttermilk

Rosie Buttermilk loves to look her best and go window shopping. Not only that but she is a lover of ballet and owns her own point shoes which she is proudly learning to dance in. She dreams of being a ballet dancer and performing in one of the most professional ballet theaters.


Walnut Squirrel Family

Harrison Walnut

Harrison Walnut likes to do well in school and you can often find him studying for exams. That is, if he is not playing football with some of the other boys in the village. He likes to be active and football is his passion, he was elected as the football captain by his friends!

*Photo and description of Karenza Marmalade is coming soon.