Is this Basswood Creek?

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“Tobias, when are they coming? I want to go home!” cried little Alice Caramel who was sitting at the tob of a wooden box, inside were her toys but she was unable to get them for the lid was very heavy.

“The orphanage will pick us up soon, don’t you worry.”reasured Tobias, the two had travelled together from Sylvanian City by train and were sitting at the Pumpkinvilles Station. Tobias was an orphan at the Sylvanian City Orphange, while Alice lived with her well earning parents. She had to go somewhere to be looked after straight after she returned from trick or treating, her parents would not tell her why but were in an great hurry. Over a five minute telephone coversation, it was decided for Alice to go to an orphanage in the countryside.

Tobias on the other hand had to leave the Sylvanian City Orphanage because of the lack of room, he was one of the eldest babies and it was thought that he did not have too many connections with anybody. He had a younger brother which could not be identified so with no evidence of a real family, was, like Alice, put into a train for a orphanage in the countryside.

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“Children there, are you coming to the Pumkinvilles Orphanage?” asked a high pitched voice.

It was a lady with an expensive jacket and a large fancy sun umbrella, “Yes” they both replied.

“Come along then, walk briskly.” the lady said. The lady was no other than Elsebeth Quilton, the owner of Pumpkinvilles Orphanage. At the sight of Alice’s expensive dress, she was very pleased, the money from it could be used to buy a diamond necklace for herself.

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“Alice! Tobias! Is that you?” Exclaimed a female voice.

“Yes and no. Yes, they are and no, they are coming with me” remarked Elsebeth, pulling the children close to her.

“Elsebeth, do not touch them, they are coming with me, to Basswood Creek.”

“Holly Acorn, these are coming to my orpanage and with all the money I will make with the rabbit-”

“You are going to sell their belongings and make a profit while you dress them in cheap material just that you can buy a necklace-”

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“ALICE!” screamed Rose Caramel(she had been waiting in the carige for Holly to return) and now flung herself onto the little girl.

“Rose? Sister Rose?”asked Alice

“Oh Alice! How you have grown! I have not seen you in two years!”

“Rosie, rosie posie take me with you, I do not want to go to any orphanages”

“You won’t, certainly you won’t”

“Oh Rose, where have you been these past two years? Did you really take the wrong train?”

“Yes, now I am living with Aunt Teri”

The two continued chatting and Elsebeth glared at Holly,

“See?”Holly asked. The small group climbed into the carrige, a bit puzzled Holly saw that Tobias looked alot like Alfie…

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They soon arrived in Basswood Creek, the two little children were amazed by the bakery and of course the creative nursery. Harry Maramalade carried the heavy wooden box from the carigre into the house for Holly since she was busy getting Alfie and the rest of her family to meet the new children, expecially Tobias. Holly had just figured out the last of the puzzle she had been wondering, what a wonder the orphan authorities had not discovered this yet. Alfie and Tobias looked so very alike and since they both arrived at an orphanage on the exactly same day…

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“Alfie, meet Tobias,” Holly paused before she gently said”your brother”

“I, I, I, a brother, I have a family, this, he is my family” stammered Alfie uncertainly, he felt very peculiar, happy, relived, privilaged,, speechless, excited yet dizzy and faint at the same time. He had not been expecting this, he, Alfie Walnut, now Alfie Acorn, had a brother, he had a family, though orphan, he had a real brother. This was too much to take in at once, “I am not a proper orphan then, Tobias is my older brother, I have a family” he said and sat down with mixed emotions. “I have a family, I have a family” he kept repeating, this was all too good to be true, even if his family was only a brother, he still had a family.

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Mrs. Marmalade came at that moment to dress the children appropriatly, they were not fit too be seen at the moment, dressed in their Halloween costumes. Soon everybody had a suitable piece of clothing to wear and looked more like a normal country children rather that a Halloween parade.

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Outside, Mr. Billabong took a picture of them, the children would spend the rest of the day making new friends at nursery.


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