Miss Tibitha Tidytail Part 2

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After a delicious breakfast of bread, jam and hot cocoa, Miss Tibitha Tidytail was just brushing her teeth. She was thinking all about this wonderful village, she had arranged to stay with a bear family called the Marmalades.

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“Well, I must get going!” she exlaimed, glancing at her watch.

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“You can come here when ever you want” Henry Doormouse  commented, taking her arm, they both looked into each others eyes.

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“Daddy, we need to go to Nursery now!” Millie exclaimed, frustrated. Way to ruin a moment!

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So, Henry took Millie to the Nursery where she could play with her friends and take part in play dough making later that day.

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After spending the morning taking a long jog around the lake, it was lunch time and Henry ordered a nice slice of bread and tea for his lunch. “I recommened your Bakery to Tibitha Tidytail, she is the mouse that came to my door yesterday.”

“I know who she is silly, everyone knows now, Millies been telling everyone, news spreads. Actually, Tibitha is in my bakery just now, see”? Dorothy Fisher said.

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Henry turned and saw into the pretty face of Tibitha Tidytail and gasped. The plate shattered as it hit the floor and made a sort of soup with the tea he was letting glide out of his cup. To Henry however, he did not notice a thing, but Dorothy did.

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“Hello,oh, I think I should go now” Chelsea Blackberry said, looking at the expression on Dorothys face

“Who gave you that flower?” Henry asked

“Micheal Dream” she giggled, blushing scarlet. Henry eyed her questioningly, not sure what to expect next but Chelsea was already examining the bread.

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“Henry Basil Doormouse!”exclaimed Dorothy furiously,” clean this up right now. I shall not have mess in my bakery AND my four year old daughters Annie and Lulu are more careful with their cutlery than you are.”

Henry felt uneasy and glanced at Chelsea for help but she just starred at him.

“HENRY!” shouted Dorothy now, really angry that he was not paying attention to her.

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Quickly Henry took the objects in her hands, it was not good to be on Dorothys bad side, she could become very unpleasant.

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Thinking that he had caused enough trouble for now, he setteled himself on the soft grass and fell asleep.

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He dreamed about Miss Tabitha, valentines and mothers day…

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He awoke, thinking that he had forgotten to do something at the bakery, but instead of looking into Dorothys angered face, he saw the gentls paws of Rose Caramel.

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“It is six o’clock, what about your shift-”

Henry sprang up and ran aways shouting that he was coming.

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“Sorry that I am late but I am here now!” he blabbered as he ran in.

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“Woooah!” He ran straight into Tabitha Tidytail who was talking to waiter Douglas McPurr

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“Henry!” exclaimed Douglas, helping Tabitha to her feet, “That is no way to treat a lady!”

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It turned out that Tabitha was going to have dinner at the restaurant and Henry was going to make a scrumptious desert. He had just placed the sugar on the stove to turn into a suggary syrup.

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“HENRY!” whisper shouted Douglas as he saw the burnt sugar in the pan. “Stop looking at Miss Tabitha and focus!”

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Henry snapped out of his daydream and still looking at Tabitha, absentbindedly took the pan off the stove. Which he promptly dropt.

To be continued…

I hope you enjoyed part two! Willow Cottontail and I went to the zoo last week, it was fun until I dropped her on the concrete and she has lost a tiny bit of fur on her ear =( =( =(



  1. Nina says:

    Oh no, can you repair poor Willow Cottontail’s ear by re-flocking it? I’ve never done it, but I’m sure some fellow Sylvanian collectors know how it’s done!

    Cute story! Poor Henry seems very flustered… I hope he can meet Tabitha again soon and in private. It seems like they might have been leaning in for a kiss that morning, but since little Millie interrupted them, we will probably never know…

  2. Kyraja says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Willow’s ear. Mayve she can wear some kind of a headpiece, if you don’t want to reflock her?

    Poor Henry, he seems to be very clumsy after he fall in love with Tibitha. I’m looking forward to the next part.

  3. cutata says:

    I was looking forward to the second part and I really enjoyed it but I feel a bit sorry for Henry. I hope he has the chance to tell Tibitha what he feels for her in the next part. I guess Tibitha has feelings for Henry too!
    Poor Willow! Hope the lost flock in his ear is not very noticeable.

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