Hollies adventure to the Redwoods Forest!

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Hollie and I had a lot of fun at the Redwood Forest!

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Hollie found a very nice mossy tree stump,

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She was very lucky to have her rope so that she could clib up the tree safely!

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Another nice log to walk on,

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But walking is very exhausting so she had to rest infront of  a pile of dead fern leaves,

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Here she is walking at the side of the track so that people can pass her without stepping on her!

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This was another tree that she climbed and insisted that I took a photo,

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I held Hollie up so that she could see the usual crystal clear stream which at the moment had a layer of dirt on it, Hollie was very dissapointed,

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It was becoming a lot more difficult for Hollie to push through the foilage and clamber over tree roots and uneven ground,

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Here is another mossy tree stump,

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Hollie really wanted to explore the rest of this tree log but I said no because we had to complete the track in under one and a half hour,

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Finally we had reached the summit of the hill and she could look out at the view, unfortunatly, it was getting cloudy.

Just a quick post today, I also purchased some UK collectors club magazines (13!) for 15 dollars and had to pick them up so thats why we had to hurridly to the track, I did already have these magazines last week because that was when all of this occured but I decided not to do ANOTHER review after all, I have done two this month so the magazine post will have to wait. I also collected some nice moss which looks like the craft moss that you can purchase at craft stores. It was just lying around on the ground because it had fallen down from trees and it is currrently drying in the garage, I will be able to make some more greenery for my village, !YAY!


Sadly, the school holidays are over and I have school tomorrow =( =(. On a more happy note, it is my birthday in the first week of school and I am so excited!



  1. cutata says:

    Lovely post,Emily!I really like to see Sylvanians in real nature.Hollie looks really cute in her new dungarees exploring Redwoods Forest,it seems a very nice place to go for a walk.
    I’d be over the moon if I had the lot of magazines you got!I haven’t got any so I’d love to read a review some other time in your blog.
    Sorry to hear school holidays are over but at least you have something special to celebrate.Happy Birthday!!!!

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you so much! I will post a review probably next month or later. Did you know that on the uk sylvanian families shop website they sell each magazine for around four pounds?! (So expensive compared to my magazines and my magazines are in mint condition)

  2. cutata says:

    I know.I’ve seen them.You got a really good bargain!I’ve been tempted to add one to my basket when I bought other things but I didn’t.

    • nzemily says:

      Ah yes, it is very tempting to buy more things when shopping for sylvanians. The problem is that I have a really long wishlist at the moment so it is very difficult to decide which to buy =(

  3. Sarah says:

    Hollie looks really sweet walking around the forest in her new outfit. Well done finding magazines at such a good price. I’ve just subscribed to the fan club. I’ve received my figure but am still waiting for a magazine to arrive- so excited to see what’s in them.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you Sarah. Good luck with your suscription! I want to be in the uk collectors club but with epoch now doing it, the magazines are not as good as the flair ones and for twenty pounds for one year, in my opinion it is not worth it. Anyhow, I now have uk magazines =) Glad you like Hollies outfit!

  4. Kyraja says:

    What a pretty forest! You and Hollir for sure had a great day! Congratulazions for the club magazines!
    Holidays are always too fast over!

    • nzemily says:

      We both had fun exploring though we would have liked to stay longer. Yes, at the start they feel really long but then the days go by really quickly and before you know it, it is the end of your days off.

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