Henrys and Tabithas Wedding


It was a sunny afternoon and most of the village was seated before an arch of flowers. They were all very excited as just in a few minutes the wedding of Henry and Tabitha would take place.


Suddenly the whole village oohed and aahed as they saw the bride approaching.


Tabitha squezed Elliots hand very tightly as she walked up to Aristotle Treefellow.


“Good luck” Elliot said as he headed off for the nearest seat.


The flower girls and the ring holding boy then walked up and stood to the side while Henry and Tabitha said their wedding vows.


“The rings please” Aristotle asked and Ashton Fisher carefully handed him the red cushion on which the rings we´re placed.


“You may kiss the bride” Aristotle said and the whole village got teary eyes as they looked at the happy couple.


The flower girls then threw handfuls of golden confetti over them.


To a delightful song played by the children the walked down the asile with the flower girls in tow.

Bellow are some of the wedding photos:









This story is very short and I am sorry that it is a bit bit late but i have been very busy doing other things and had neither the time, energy or atitude to post or write anything. But yes, here it is. I hope you liked the flower arch, I love it, it is probably my favourite part.



  1. cutata says:

    Thank you for posting Emily! Tabithas and Henry´s wedding made my day!! Tabitha looks gorgeous in her wedding dress and the flower arch is just as she pictured it. You did an amazing job with the arch! It looks great! The photo of the kiss under the flower arch is my favourite.So cute the two of them! I was looking forward to this post and I loved it so much! I wish them all the best. I´m sure they´re going to be a very happy family.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you this is brilliant- I don’t know where to begin- this really lifted my spirits. The arch is absolutely lovely, I love the tiny little rings on the pillow, the dress, the view of walking down the aisle, the whole setups, the kiss scene- sooo cute!

  3. Nina says:

    Hello Emily,

    I am glad you had the energy to create and post this story, as it is very, very cute!

    My favourite thing is definitely Tabitha in her wedding dress. I think she looks fantastic in every picture, so elegant, happy and glowing. She is truly a beautiful bride.

    I love how your flower arch turned out, it is very pretty, and I had to laugh when I saw Mr Treefellow sitting underneath it with his cute little glasses.

    You put so much work into this – wow! The new family of three is definitely worth it. My best wishes to all of them! :))

    Kind regards,

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you for your kind words about my story =). I really want to replace the father figure since his fur is very faded and has rubbed off in places. Just saw you made a blogpost and will read it after I have finished this.

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