Maxi’s Halloween Costume


It was another wonderful day in Dandelion Creek, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and most people happily were going about their dayily buisness. By most it did not include Maxi Bramble. He was not in his usual good mood and while his sister Anna chatted to his Father Eric, he lagged behind.


“Maxi! What is wrong with you? Did you have a bad day at school?” Eric asked his son, full of concern.

“I am fine Father” Maxi mumbeled. Eric however knew that Maxi was not fine.

“Are you sure about that?”


“So tell me, what has happened” Eric asked pleadingly.

“You will feel better afterwards” Anna added.

“Well, today at school we were carving Halloween pumpkins in art and then Aristotle Treefellow suggested that we draw pictures of ourselves wearing our halloween costumes.” Maxi began,

“I am goinng as a fairy!” Anna exclaimed.

“Yes, and then we all had to share what we were going to be and I was the ONLY one who did not have a costume so Aristotle said that maybe I should not be on the picture!” he finished.

“Oh Maxi! I am sure that you can just draw something and put it on the poster” Eric tried to calm his son.

“Father! The point is, I am the ONLY one without a halloween costume”


Eric and Maxi were quiet when they walked to their mothers/wifes shoe and sew shop. Anna however was listing all sorts of costumes for her brother but all, it seemed, someone else was doing so she eventually gave up. The three arrived at the store to find that it was full of customers, shopping for halloween clothes. The childrens mother Rebecca was just slipping on a ghost costume on a squirell while the Buttermilk Mother and daughter were looking at fabric chices.

“Hello Mother!” Anna cried but she was not her over the noise by hery very busy Mother.


“There!” Rebecca exclaimed.

“I love it Mummy!” the little squirell cried happily.


Rebecca took the costume off and chatted with the squirells mother Hollie while Tobias (the squirell) went to his sister, Maxi and Anna.

“What are you going as for halloween?” He asked them,

“I am going as a fairy!” Anna exclaimed excitedly.

“What about you Maxi?”

But Maxi pretended not to hear and walked away.


“Hello my darling little children!”hummed Rebecca and gave her daughter a big hug.

“Mother, today at school we did carving…”Anna chattered.


“Hello Maxi dear, how-“Rebecca tried to finish what she had wanted to say when a shout of “Mrs Bramble!” interrupted her conversation and she quickly had to hurry away to serve the customer. Maxi sat down in a quiet area to think of a costume he could wear.


“So” Oliver Buttermilk started,” Could we please havethis costume for Laura and a pink dress made out of that fabric that Hannah is holding.”

“Yes, sure. I have the measurments that you sent me sitting at home so the dress will be finished in about three days, is that okay?”

“Yes, perfect. Thank you”


There were many more customers that afternoon but at the end of the day the Brambles decided to go for a walk and on the way back stop at the Candy Cart to get some Halloween candy. Maxi walked behind his family, still thinking of a costume he could wear.


Suddenly he tripped and fell. His father Eric helped him up.


“Hello Mrs. Billabong!” the family cried as they looked into the familiar face of Matilda Billabong.

“Gosh Maxi!” Matilda exclaimed, looking at his messed up spikes ” you look like a cloud!”

“Do I really?”

“Yes you do!” Matilda said in wonder.


While his mother lurched into an explanation why his prickles were so messy Maxi wandered away from the rest of the Sylvanians, he had an idea…

Hello everyone! I have not done a story with the brambles in ages so I thought should do this story with one of them. As you could maybe tell (depending on when you are viewing my blog) I have/ am making a few changes. You see that Elliot Beaman is now the new Mayor and he is going to change the villages name from Basswood Creek to Dandelion Creek. Basswood Creek is a nice name but I like Dandelion Creek even better. What do you think, should I change the name?



  1. Sarah says:

    OOhh I wonder what Maxi is going to dress up as! Can’t wait to see. As for the name change- why not?! Dandelion Creek sounds like a wonderful name place. Sarah x

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you for your comment Sarah! You will see what Maxi dresses up as on Monday when I will post the Halloween story. I am glad that you like the name Dandelion Creek. It will have to get used to it but I think that it will help me focus more on improving my village.

  2. cutata says:

    It´s a pity I missed this post! I´ve just left a comment on the three new ones and now I see that this one came before. Really nice post!! I loved to see the hustle and bustle of the shop and the children trying on halloween costumes. Now I know where the idea of the cloud came from!! Maxi looks very cute in the last picture…

    • nzemily says:

      Aww, thanks! Yes, I love creating hustle bustle scenes but they are always such a bother when you knock one figure over and then all of the others fall and hit the shelves and then all of the things on the shelves fall down aswell and it is a huge mess..

  3. cutata says:

    I know what you mean.!! That happens to me too and it gets a bit on my nerves especially when the small items fall over the place.It takes me so long to take a single picture sometimes just because of that reason.

    • nzemily says:

      Yes, it is really frustrating when that happens. In the shoe shop photos, I was about to take my first picture when I suddenly bumped the table and all the shoes, sylvanians, tiny beads and fabric samples fell over, such a mess!

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