A Morning in the Cottontails House

Very early in the morning, Sorrel Cottontail awakens from her slumbers and hops out of bed. Since it is still quite chilly, she still wears her thick nighty which is good for sleeping in but not for working. Both husband and children are still sound asleep in their beds.

Sorrel dresses herself and climbs down the ladder to the kitchen where it is very cold and in desperate need of a fire. In a corner there is a little green basket where there should be wood for the fire, but there isn’t any. Aaron, Sorrels husband, had promised her that he would chop some wood the day before but that clearly did not happen. Of course, no one wanted to make breakfast in a cold room so there had to be a fire to warm things up a bit.

Unfortunatly this meant for Sorrel that she, at six o’clock in the morning had to go out into the frezzing outdoors, chop some wood and then carry it all the way back to her little cottage. Sighing, she put on a knited coat, picked up a wheelbarrow and of she went. The wood chopping was exhausting so it’s no wonder that Sorrel had to stop several times to catch her breath! Tomorrow, Aaron, no, today, Aaron will chop enough wood to last the family for a whole week Sorrel decided as she finally reached the sleepy cottage.

“There we go!” exclaimed Sorrel, putting the last piece of wood in the basket.

The day before was quite busy so that there wasn’t any time to buy bread from the Bakery for breakfast the next day. Fortunatly, the Bakery was open when Sorrel had arrived and throught the village drifted the wonderful scent of fresh bread.

“Hello, hello Sorrel!” said Alonzo Macavity brightly “already awake?”

“No, not really but I need bread so I came early” replied Sorrel cheerfully.

“Oh, I thought that you were sleeping in.”

“Me? Sleep in? No, no my dear Alonzo! I have a cottage to warm up and a family to feed or do you get up at six in the morning to chop wood for a fire?”

“Ahh, no. But I do get up at five to make bread”

“True, true, lets not argue but please could I have some bread”

“Alright, what would you like?” Alonzo asked.

“Um, two pieces of bunny shaped toast, two cat shaped breads and one cat shaped toast please for Charlie, he doesn’t like anything else in the morning”

Alonzo quickly got everything and placed it in a basket when he noticed Sorrel looking interested in the doughnuts he had on display,

“Doughnuts for the children? A special treat?” teased Alonzo, knowing what Sorrels reaction would look like and true enough:

“Oh no Alonzo. You managed to convince me to get them last week and if I get them too often they won’t be special anymore!” Sorrel exclaimed in an exhasperated voice, tearing her gaze from the suggary iced doughnuts.

She paid before waving goodbye and hurridly walking out of the door of the warm bakery. Alonzo and his eldest daughter Clara waved back before returning to their usual tasks.

After stopping to get some fruit and milk Sorrel returned home and immediatly set the kettle on since it was already 7.30!

“Good morning honey!” came a voice behind Sorrel as she had finally finished laying the table.

“Good morning, dear, did you sleep well?” she asked her husband who was still yawning.

“Yes I did though I am still a bit tiered. Brrrh! It is not that warm in here darling, have you made a fire?”

“Well, while you were slumbering I had to chop some wood at the crack of dawn and then had to go shopping after I wasn’t able to yesterday because you got all of the house muddy after another “nature expedition””

“Ah sorry darling, I can chop the wood today” Aaron apologised, hugging his wife.

At that moment Willow and Peter, the children, came rushing in, hugging first their father and then their mother.

“What are we having for breakfast?”

“Can I go to Rosies house today? the called.

“Wait a moment. Have you all made your beds?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Willow

“Yes!” agreed Peter

“No” mumbled Aaron “But I will do that now” he added.

Willow and Peter sat down at the table when two voices came floating down the ladder, it sounded a lot like that Charlie had woken up. Sorrel found the biggest plate she had and placed it by her little ones seat. Crumbs would still go everywhere but not as much if she gave Charlie a regular one.

Very soon they were all having breakfast together and talking about the day ahead of them.

“Charlie, Mummy has given you a big boys glass cup today and do not drop it or knock it off the table please” Sorrel warned

“Yes Mummy!” Charlie replied, trying to grab the glass handle and then asking for a drink of milk.

The breakfast table had been cleared and Aaron, Willow and Peter went out on a walk. Sorrel laid herself on her comfy bed and was wishing she could fall asleep. But with a noisy three year old playing beside her, this was unlikely to happen. It was only the start of the day and Sorrel was already tiered.

Just a quick story today. Some of the photos are a bit blurry but I hope you still liked the story anyway!



  1. cutata says:

    I loved it, Emily! I know how Sorrel feels! The perfect story to start a Saturday morning! I hope Sorrel can get some sleep to face the rest of the day.The pictures are lovely! I think I already told in a previous post how much I like the wallpaper you chose for the cottage. It matches perfectly with the Cottontails´ outfits. It´s also great to see the Macavities settled down in DC and running their bakery! I´d love to have one of those shaped toast for breakfast. Actually, that´s what I should be doing right now,I´m going to set up the table for breakfast! Enjoy your weekend

    • nzemily says:

      I really like the wallpaper I chose too, I did try to make it suit with the Cottontails since the Cottontails wear yellow clothes pretty much. The Macavities are at the moment running the Bakery since Alonzos new red shirt I modified really suits him and the red theme of the backery which I love. I too would like to wake up and eat shaped toast or bread. Have fun setting the table and have a great weeked too Cutata!

  2. Kyraja says:

    Hey :),

    I really enjoyed that story! Poor Sorrel doing all the housework by herself! I must admit I was a bit angry about her husband XD.
    The pics are fantastic!

  3. Sarah says:

    Aw Sorrel takes such good care of her family. Hopefully she can get some well deserved rest. Lovely photos 🙂

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