Waiting at the Bramble’s

At six o’clock exactly, Douglas McPurr droped off his two children, George and Jayrene, at the Bramble’s house. Rebecca Bramble lead them in, glaring at her husband who had just finished the family’s sofa and was covered head to toe in wood chips and scraps of fabric.

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A little bit flustered, she called one of her two children, Anna, even though they and the MuPurr children where several years apart, they got along very well. “We are going to have so much fun this evening! You must see the wooden bunk bed Daddy has made for Maxi and I, it looks so nice with our white and blue blankets and pillows, they match the wallpaper!” exclamied Anna excitedly, she had been looking forward very much to Jayrene’s and George’s visit.

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Anna took the two into the bedroom.

“Hello there! I am going to sketch you while you play with my sister but after that I will play with you aswell.” said Maxi.

Anna sat down beside Jayrene and George on the rug and they played with some of Jayrene’s toy’s while Maxi sketched them, he was very good at drawing and was delighted when his parents bought him a special drawing notebook and a set of twelve colouring in pencils aswell as two splendid new pencils.

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The four ¬†children chattered eagerly with one another about a rage of topics, from the new bunk bed Anna’s and Maxi’s dad had built them all the way to the new range of dolls and trains that had just been released and of course everything in between. The new baby though was the main topic, “Her name is going to be… ” said Jayrene,

“Our parents already know what they are going to name her, though they are not telling us.” carried on George.

“Oooohh, how exciting! I really am looking forward to meeting them” declared Anna.

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“I have finished sketching you so what should we do now?” asked Maxi,

“I know! I will just have to ask Mummy if she will let us use some blankets to play sleeping beauty!” replied Anna.

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She soon returned with bankets and a blue paper crown,

“I will be princess Anna and since Sleeping Beauty is a bit boring, we can add in a bit of our own side to the story. Now, I think I should wear the purple blanket as a velvet silk dress and the blue crown, I will sit on the top bunk bed.” said Anna, enjoying herself.

“Yes, and I will be a fairy and will guard the ladder so that no-one can rescue you, I am a wicked fairy you know.” replied Jayrene.

“Can I be the prince who tries to rescue you?” asked George.

“That is a great idea! I will be your horse, don’t worry, my prickles are soft!” said Maxi.

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“Now pretend I turn into a good fairy because you have lifted the spell so I will fly you up to Princess Anna because the ladder has fallen down the well, yes, now you get off your horse and I fly you up!” pretended Jayrene.

“Prince George, please save me! The ladder has fallen down!”cried Anna.

“Hello children, would you like something to eat? Salad? Sandwiches?” asked Mrs. Bramble who had come in the door.

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“Yes please!” all the children said and were soon munching on the delicious things that Mrs. Bramble had brought them.

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It was getting late so the children took off to brush their teeth while the two parents made the guest’s bed with straw and a blue blanket.

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After thé children had hopped into bed, Mrs. Bramble read them a story,

“Once upon a time there lived a little rabbit called Cinderella…”

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After the story, all the children except Maxi had fallen asleep, he was wondering what had happened to his sketch book and why was his bed so unusualy hard?

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Goodnight children


I really like these pictures, the bedroom has a very beachy feel doesn’t it? I really like the wallpaper =) The next story is going to be called’ At home in the Morning’ I am going to do the pictures now…




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