At Home in the Morning

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“Now come in and have a look at the new addition to the McPurr household. Marie! The children are here!” shouted Douglas MuPurr eagerly, pushing the two into the bedroom. His wife was allready there about to pick up the baby.

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The little baby snuffled a bit as it was picked up and carried to the rest of the family by her mother.

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“George and Jayrene, please welcome Pumpkin Heather Anne McPurr to our family and Pumpkin dear, be nice to your big brother and sister.” said Marie McPurr while stroking the baby.

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The two children looked at each other in a hesitant way, they were not too keen on this baby. “Well?” asked their father impatiantly, just then the baby started to cry, “Um, I will fetch the bottle” he continued.

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“Jayrene, you can feed her, go on” encouraged Marie, “There is no need to be frightened.”

Jayrene, a bit embarassed about the whole thing climbed up onto the chair.

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Gingerly, she picked up the bottle and gave it to her, after a while, it was empty and little Pumpkin giggled for the first time in her life. Jayrene was no longer shy and was begining to feel excited to be a big sister, after a while, George also liked not being the youngest anymore but was a little bit dissapointed that she was called Pumpkin, he would have named her Anne as her first name. The children had now decided that Pumpkin was the best thing they could have ever expected as a little baby sister. As the two parents walked out the door, they both though…

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What a happy family


Isn’t Pumpkin ADORABLE with a capital A? She has to be one of the cutest baby’s ever made. Her description is up on Meet the Critters, do you see the orange dress hanging on the wall? That is what Pumpkin will be wearing soon but for now this baby dress thingey is what she will wear.



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