The Treefellows Part 1

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“Lulu will not find us here, she will be too scared to swim through the river.” Ashton Fisher said, “Not that she would be crazy enough to even atempt that.”

“Sh, look!” exclaimed Clive Billabong,


“Over the hill”

“What are those creatures, moles?”

“Owls by the looks of it”

“Owls, just like the wise old owl wizard in Forest Enchantment?”


Over the hill the family were talking to each other, the two boys could not understand a thing they said when they tried to eavesdrop on their conversation. “It’s not fair!”one of the little ones cried “I do not like fish, why did we have to move anyway, couldn’t have we built a new tree house? I am hungry and thirsty but we have only one more sandwich and one more bottle of milk left.”

“Go to sleep, you are always grumpy when you do not have enough sleep” replied his mother.

After a few more grumbels from the little owls followed by a great yawn, they all settled down to have a nice afternoon nap.

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The two boys wondered what they would do, they could not stay here for they might get discovered but then again, they could not really leave and never come back. After a quick discusion, they crept out to have a look at this family.

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“Yes, their bag of food is very small, what do you think he should do now?” asked Ashton,

“We should split up, you stay here and I will go back to the village to get some food and if anyone asks what the food is for, I will say we are having a picnic.”

“Good idea, hurry though Clive!”

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Clive soon returned with a huge bag of food.

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“Wow Clive!” Ashton exclaimed loudly,

“Not so loud, you will wake them- Hurry! Get behind the hill quickly, they are waking up!”

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Sure enough the Father had groaned and was showing signs of waking up. The two boys looked proudly at their doings, how they hoped the mysterious family would like it!


Ah yes, I bought these owls a little while ago. Part 2 coming soon!



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    I used to have a sylvanian blog, but I rejected it and now i wanna come back – even though I’m going into yr 10! I live in NZ too, what part are you? I’m auckland…

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