The Treefellows Part 2

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“Freddy, stop moaning, we will now have to make a fishing rod-” said the Father of the family,

“Why?” inquired the owl in the red jacket,

“Because we will want something for dinner Freddy.”

“But we have lots of food left”

“No, we do not so thats why-”

“But LOOK!”


“Behind you!”


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Puzzeled, the Father turned around, “Oh my! How did that get there? Is it for us?”

“Looks like it” answered his wife, “We will have a bit now and then save some for later.”

“Good idea”

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The two boys smiled at each other, they felt very proud of themselves.

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The owls inspected the food, “We shall save the milk, popcorn, apples, one of the apple juices, the candy, the oranges and the bread for later so that now we can have some of the strawberries and biscuits.” said the mother owl.

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They then packet the rest of the food away and found more biscuits hidden under the strawberry basket. “I wonder who is doing this, I am so gratefull that they have bought us the food. All the same, it would be nice to have jam and butter aswell as a knife for the bread and maybe a comb but never mind” pointed out the mother again.

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The two boys had heard this and were already crawling away to get jam, butter, a comb and a knife when they heard one of the parents say, “We shall now go for a nice walk down to that big tree we passed and spent around half an hour there.”

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The boys soon returned with the items and looked around gladly, it was easier to bring things secretly when the owls were gone, little did they know they were being watched.

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“Who do we have here?” asked a female voice, it was the mother of the owls.

“Um, I am Ashton and this is Clive, sorry if-”
“No, no, thank you for the food, I am Arabella Treefellow”

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“The one in the yellow is Henry, the one in the red is Freddy, the one in the blue is William and that is Aristotle.”

“Nice to meet you all” replied the two boys.

“Now, where in Sylvania are we, we have traveled for days after our hut burned down and the map fell out of the bag and into the water!” asked Aristotle.

“You are near Basswood Creek, we can take you there!” Ashton said.

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Soon everybody was very busy, everyone except the little children who just ate strawberries.

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The then rowed along the river in the large canoe the boys had come in.

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“Welcome to Basswood Creek”  the boys shouted as they entered the village,

“This is a nice place!”said Arabella joyfully.


I love the owls, they are one of my favourite families, the parents are the smaller than the average child but bigger than the average baby.


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