Missing from the Train Station; Part 1

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Eight year old Megan Appleseed was waiting impaitently at the Violet Village train station, she was waiting for her Aunt Chelsea to pick her up. Megan had travelled from Oakwood Village by train to live with her Aunt because her own family were too busy writing and collecting books for The great annual book festival. If Megan liked this new town, her parents would gratefully consider moving her there long term. “When is Aunt Chelsea coming?” she wondered, ” I hope that at the village they have a lot of instruments, because I had to leave after school I could not bring any of mine.” Little did Megan know she was being watched.

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“Yoo ho!” cried a voice, “Come dear, we need to hurry!”

Amazed, Megan looked at the sylvanian coming towards her, it looked nothing like she had pictured her Aunt.

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“Aunty, what a strange nose you have!” Megan exclaimed,

“Ah, yes, I was coming from my daughters dress up party!”

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“Aunty, what white ears you have!”

“They are not actually all white, the part of ear which is black is covered by flour from my baking”

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“Aunty, what shiny paws you have!”

“I am wearing gloves! Now come along, I have to hurry!”

So Megan went with her.

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“Where is she?” cried a panicked voice,

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It was Chelsea Blackberry wanting to take Megan with her to Basswood Creek, she had spent two whole hours looking for Megan.

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Slowly, she walked around the big cupboard to find-

“Elsebeth Quilton!”

“My new clothes have arrived Chelsea!”Elsebeth spat.

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Puzzled, Chelsea looked at a pile of clothes which Elsebeth had left behind.

(Elsebeth Quilton is the mean owner of Pumpkinvilles Orphanage, she hates Basswood Creek and despratly wants to be famous)

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Chelsea ran to Basswood Creek and straight to the Mayor,

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She hurredly explained that Megan was gone. She felt quite weak with worry.

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“Perkin, telephone Anne and Quentin Appleseed please, heres their number. Oh and the station master at Oakwood and Violet Village.” Dorothy Fisher said when she heard the news.

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“Yes, on the train, arrived, a woman came to her, what a pity, thank you!”

Perkin was processing all the information slowly, Megan had been on the train and arrived at Violet Village when Chelsea called that she was going to be ten minutes late and the station master told Megan the news. Then around a quater of an hour later a woman came and talked to Megan and then, there was no and then because the station master had his lunch break.

“Megan has been rabbitnapped” he shouted


That was one of the three part story of Megan Appleseed, she is from the music lesson set which I got for christmas.



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