Missing from the Train Station; Part 2

Meanwhile in Pumpkinvilles…

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Elesbeth Quilto had dressed Megan in red boys clothes which were not only made of rough, scratchy material but was alos several sizes too small.

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Elsebeth led, or dragged Megan down to a secret bathroom where she threw the scared child into an uncomvertable bath tub.

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Megan look around wearily at her room. It was litrally a bathroom, a tiny room with just enough room for a bath to fit in. This bathroom was hidden behind a false back of a cuboard in the underground storage room.

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Megan screamed, she doubted anyone would hear her but it was worth a try. Elsebeth heard her scream and ran down to the storage room in anger, police officers were next door searching through the houses trying to find Megan and would soon hear her screaming when they came into her house. As quick as a flash Elsebeth tied a scarf around the still screaming Megan and said angrily too herself “That girl is a great nuisance, I will send her off too Sylvanian City tommorow.”


Happy New Year!

This is only a short story for part two but part three will be a bit longer =)



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