Micheal Dream Meets Chelsea Part 1

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It was a lovely day in Sylvania, the villagers of Basswood Creek were all up and busy doing their everyday things. Chelsea Blackberry had just finished setting up her fresh produce on her stand, sonce today was a special day, she had made sure that she was awake at the crack of dawn so that everyone could buy her fruit, jams and juices.

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Micheal Dream had come all the way from Oakwood Forest which was the other side of Sylvania to see visit Chelsea. He was from the Orphan Homecoming Society also known at O H S which had their main offices in Sylvanian City, the capital of Sylvania. Micheal recognised Chelsea immediatly from his sisters description.

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“Hello there young rabbit, is this Chelsea Blackberry over there?” he asked pointing. He wanted to make sure that this was really the right person and that he would get the job done as quickly as possible.

“Yes, that is her” said the rabbit, she looked not much older than ten.

“Can I talk to her?” Michael asked

“Of course you can, would you like an apple?”

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Michael was going to say no thank you but the girl had already pressed the juicy looking apple into his hand. “It is a welcome gift” she whispered.

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“Yes?” asked Chelsea questioningly, shooing her two adopted daughters of the bench to make way for some sort of cards.

“Um, well…” he started” You know how you aaah …”


“Well, I am Micheal Dream, I work for the Orphan Homecoming Society or OHS as it is commonly known as and I have come to let you know that…”

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The rabbit girl whos name was Megan joined her Aunt at that point, she susbiciously narrowed her eyes at Mr. Dream.

“I mean to say that I have to take Laura and Connie back to their rightful reletives” he said all in a firm tone.

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“I will take them now” Micheal said, grabbing the two girls and walkied fastly away. The two little girls were astonished to be dragged away and wanted to run back. Chelsea and Megan on the other hand looked dazed at each other, stunned.

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“Mr. Dream sir, how come they were orphans in the first pla-” Chelsea called, turning around, but he was already gone and her two loved adopted daughters with him.

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Chelsea started to walk on her tremmbling legs to the telephone to call OHS when her legs gave way beneath her and she fell on to the ground. “Henry” she whispered to her niece who ran away straight away.

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Chelsea was carried to the Harvester Restaurant by the butler Douglas and Megan were she had to make do with a bed of two chairs, Douglas offered her a glass of water which she refused to take.

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After about ten minutes of whimmpering, Henry Doormouse arrived to see Chelsea, they were very, very good friends. She stood up and fell into his arms and started to cry bitterly. Arlamed, Henry caught her, Chelsea usually never cried.

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Megan too, who had been silent for all this time burst into tears and Douglas calmly gave her a hug, wondering where the two little one were since the nursery was closed, he asked this question aloud which resulted in even more tears from both of them. Little did he know that the cause of the problem was watching through the window.

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Micheal had first visited the juice bar to find it abandonned except for two cards and because he felt hungry started to walk to the nearest restaurant.

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Inside the restaurant, Megan was now telling the whole sorroful tale since Chelsea was too upseat. “and I gave him an apple as a welcome gift!” she exlaimed at the end. Micheal looked at the apple in his hand, he had a idea…

To be continued…

There is part one, part two will come soon! I also want to thank you all for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, it makes my day!



  1. cutata says:

    Poor Chelsea! She must be so sad! Hopefully second part has a happy ending. Looking forward to it!

    • nzemily says:

      Chelsea has been crying the past days and the villagers are very worried about her. Part 2 will come soon!

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