Micheal Dream Meets Chelsea Part 2

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Micheal Dream walked slowly to a cute pink wagon with all sorts of sweet treats laid upon it. He was clutching an apology note for Chelsea Blackberry, what a fool he had been not to realise it was mothers day when he took the two rabbits away and that he had not allowed her to say goodbye.

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“Hello Mr. Dream, I suppose you would like something?” asked a female koala who seemed to own the cart.

“Yes, one of those please” he said, pointing.

The koala introduced herself as Matilda Billabong and handed him a gold sweet, she smiled, but the smile did not quite reached her eyes and she hurridly went to serve a young hedgehog and rabbit. Micheal was relieved to see that the rabbit was not Megan.

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Since Micheal knew he would mess up if he tried talking to her, he placed the note and sweet on the little bench.

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He saw someone coming so quickly rushed away to the sweet  wagon again to get himself some popcorn to eat.

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Unfotunatly, there was quite a strong wind and the sweet had blown of the bench and onto the path and was discovered by Henry Treefellow who was on his way to nursery to build a kite which he would fly with his brothers and father Aristotle.

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The note made its way to Chelsea though, but since it had been blown into the stream, the ink was smudged and faded so Chelsea could not make heads or tails of it.

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Chelsea decided to put it in the carrot bed where it would break down and improve the soil.

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Michael arrived at the juice bar to find Chelsea preparing a fruit smoothie. Micheal asked if he could have one too but Chelsea turned her back on him and did not answer. She was not going to serve a customer that had taken away her children, even if one returned to Basswood Creek.

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The Treefellow Mother Arabella and her son Henry walked past from nursery. “Look what I found Miss Blackberry!” exlaimed Henry and gave a shiny object to Chelsea, it was the gold sweet.

“I see you have put that piece of paper that was at the edge of the stream into the carrot bed, my, Hollie will be pleased that you are taking care of them as well.” Arabella said, looking at some marmalade.

Micheal stared at her, his apology was ripped up in the carrot bed and the sweet was found by Henry, how unlucky!

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Later that day, Micheal returned and Chelsea actually did not turn away (she felt a wee bit bad that she had ignored him).

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“I uh, wanted to say, aaaaahh” Micheal said and threw a scarf into her face, he quickly turned away, horrified at what he had done, a faceful of scarf was not a good impression.

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“Excuse me, I think someone a bit smaller needed this scarf” she stammered, not wanting to mention the word baby” It is well, a bit too…. short.”

“Oh, yes, it would be the size for a baby-“he stopped as tears weeled up in Chelseas eyes as he had said baby.

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Wanting to avoid the situation, he ran past her, grabbing the scarf. Chelsea fell hard on her back since he had run into her. Micheal did not stay to help, he just ran away.

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After moaning into his pillow where he was staying, he decided to give it another go, this time, not face to face. He took out the apple Megan had given him and carved SORRY in it with a knife and laid it where Chelsea would see it. Chelsea did see it and was feeling quite hungry so picked it up. Micheal was watching her from behind a sign.

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She was just about to take a bite when she gave a yelp and threw the apple away.

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SPLASH! It landed in the stream, a worm and a rotten bit inside it.

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Micheal tried several things, soup.

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Which she fell over and had to get a cream for burns at the hospital.

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A flower,

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with earwigs and bugs and a whole heap of other things which all turned out wrong.

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Glumly, Micheal sat in the bakery, stirring absent mindedly his tea when Chelsea walked in. She did not see him but walked straight to Dorrothy Fisher and said “My, do you know what just happened? Someone put a cactus on my bench and now Matilda Billabong is in the doctors clinic getting all the prickles out of her!” Chelsea stopped when she saw Micheal whos head sank even lower.

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He grabed his tea and went upstairs, Chelsea followed and sat opposite him questioningly, by now, she had figured out who was behind the burns and the prickles. Micheal knew that she knew too.

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Chelsea walked away but Micheal stood up and said-, no, his look told enough that he was sorry about everything he had done to say sorry.

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Just then Dorothy walked up the stairs to them and looked at Micheal before clearing up the cups on the table. Micheal grinned suddenly “I think you should better go downstairs” he said.

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Blankly, she followed him. “I thought that maybe you could forgive me?” he asked, turning her head to see-

“CONNIE!” Chelseas scream was loud enough that every one it the village had heard it, puzzled.

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Chelsea ran up to her and gave her a big hug, ignoring the strange rabbits. She was so very happy at the moment that she cried tears of happiness as she patted Connies head.

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Chelsea then turned to Micheal and gave him a huge hug which he totally did not expect.

This is finally the second part, of course Chelsea forgave him. Now, for my post next week, I am going  to post the first of three Miss Tibitha stories (the brown mouse lady),



  1. Nina says:


    A wonderful conclusion to your story!!! :))

    I loved the bit where everything Micheal tried to do to apologise backfired! So funny! 😀

    I also felt very bad for him, because he doesn’t seem like a bad person, just rather clumsy and insecure.

    I am very glad things worked out well for him after all. I believe Chelsea is better off too now, knowing that he did not hurt her on purpose. 🙂

    The scene with the apple splashing into the stream is great! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. cutata says:

    Lovely second part! I´m glad to find out that Micheal is as mean as I thought after reading part 1. It´s good to know Chelsea will be able to see her “adopted daughters” . The “strange rabbits” as Chelsea says are your new Cottontail Family, aren´t they?. They look lovely. Your carrot bed next to the bakery is so cute and that bakery is also a lovely building!

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you cutata, I want to make a veggie garden sometime but I have not got round to it yet. Yes, the cottontails are my new family and I love them.

  3. Sarah says:

    Poor Michael- his failed apologies made me laugh, the poor bunny just couldn’t seem to catch a break. I’m glad everything worked out in the end.

  4. Kyraja says:

    Somehow that story made me laugh so hard, even though I felt so sorry for poor Chelsea. But Michael was so funny! I’m glad it came to a good end.

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