The School Talent Show Part 1; It is Canceled

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“Now before I dismiss all of you I just want to say that the schools talent show has been canceled. This is because with the wedding and all that it would just be too busy and too frantic for all of us adults to manage. We may however have a talent show next year first term since next term we are doing a play. Class dismissed.” Aristotle Treefellow said to his startled pupils. All of the students were very shocked to hear this news, they had been planning and talking about the schools talent show for weeks and now, it would not happen!

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The shocked children ran towards their parents who had come to pick them up. Most parents came to pick their children up on a Friday and the children always looked forward to Fridays because sometimes their parents would give them a special treat if they had worked extra hard at school that week. Sure enough it was the Billabong children, Gerimine and Clive which were both seven that got an end of week treat. This was because they were too ill to go to school the week before but managed to catch up on all their school work in only a week.

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“Mother, Father!” Willow and Peter Cottontail called out to their parents.

“Guess what?! The talent show is cancelled!” Peter exclaimed glumly, he had wanted to enter with some of his friends as a small orchestra.

“What a shame, I was looking forward to seeing both of you up on stage” their mother Sorrel said looking at her childrens dissapointed faces.

Her husband Aaron also felt sad that this event would not be taking place, he had already begun to saw the wood for the stage but he was glad he had not put any nails in them so he could use them for the bed he was making for one of the villagers.

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The Cottontails walked back to the village with the Beaman family. Unfortunatly Beaman mother Evangeline was not able to come and pick up her children with her husband Elliot like she had planned too but the babies Pickle and Sprout had their doctors appointment on at the same time. While Elliot talked with Sorrel and Aaron the Beaman children Eddie and Lucille walked and talked with Peter and Willow, little Emily Beaman also joined in the conversation at times. The children were disscusing the canceled talent show and even little Emily felt sad that she could not see her big brother and sister perform infront of a real live audiance.

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After all of the homework was done, Lucille, Willow, Peter and Eddie went to the nearby paddock where the boys played a noisy game of football while the girls sat quietly on a bench like real ladies were supposed to do. All of the boys seemed to have gotten over the dissapointment of the talent show as they were laughing while they played their noisy game. Lucille and Willow however were deep in thought about the talent show and therefore didn’t talk much unless the occasional “what a pity” and “I was really looking forward to it” along with a few sighs.

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The girls then remembered that they had organized with their friends that they would meet up in the bakery so they quickly hurride off to get there in time. Sure enough Rosie Periwinkle and Anna Bramble where already waiting for them.

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The for girls sat down and shared their opinions on various topics like they did every friday afternoon until Lucille slammed her hands down on the table. Everyone jumped at the sudden noise and Lucille held her hands tightly, they hurt and tingled because she had hit the table so hard. “I have got a great idea! The grown ups are busy but we are not. So therefore” she said, pausing for effect, “WE could run the talent show!” she said.

Everyone thought that it was a very good idea. ” My father can build the stage like he would have and Anna, your mother can sew the curtains, we are all good drawers, Rosie you are such a great organizer and you Lucille, your father is running for mayor so therefore he can help spread the news!” directed Willow excitedly.

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Anna ran off to get some drawing supplies from her brother Maxi who was very good at art and the girls were soon planning the dates and their posters.

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Soon they had all finished their posters.

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“Auditions on the 17th so two weeks practise time, show on the 23rd, last day of term. Show will be held in the field in which the boys are playing football in right now and entrance is free and you can get tickets for your seats at the Shoe and Sew shop!” Anna exclaimed.

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So they all ran off to put up their posters. Rosie put hers up on the wall of the Harvester Restaurant.

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Willow on the side of the country market.

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Lucille put hers up on the doctors wall.

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And Anna put hers up on the side of the Bakery.

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The girls re grouped and talked about who might be the host and hostess of the evening.

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It was decided to be head girl Lisa Acorn who was 12 and head boy Ashton Fisher who was also 12. They both took up the challenge once they had been informed and set off to spread the news.

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It was getting late in the day but the girls found out that they still had time to work on their dance routine which they were planing to do at the talent show.

No this is not a preperation story featuring Henry and Tabitha but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. Next weekend I will however do a preperation story.



  1. cutata says:

    What a good idea you came up with! A talent show!
    I´m glad Lucille was so determined to go ahead with the show. I love the posters they made to spread the news. The last picture with the girls doing their dance rehersal is very cute. Their smiles are worth a thousand words!

    • nzemily says:

      I was secretly able to watch part of the girls routine and I must say that they are very good. I like it when some of my sylvanian children take up things like this because it makes it more fun to write. Thank you for your comment!

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