The School Talent Show Part 2: The Auditions


“They should be here soon!” exclaimed Rosie Buttermilk who had just finished putting the glasses on the table.

“Whoops!” cried Anna Brambel as she almost spilt the water in the jug she was carrying.


“Come over here Anna, Willow and Rosie! I have just finished drawing up the chart for the auditions” Lucille Beaman said excitedly. The girls were all hoping that many of the school children in the village would come to audition for the school talent show.


After a couple of minutes the adults arrived who would then decide who would perform on the night. Micheal Dream who taught music lessons, Matilda Billabong who taught dance and Tabitha Tidytail whos sister was an actress. The girls were very excited as they too would be trying out.


First to arrive at the medow was the boy band and they all hurried over to sign up on the chart.


Next arrived Megan Appleseed who was going to perform” river flows in you” on the piano and took the last spot on the paper. Lucille quickly drew up another table since there were still quite a lot of people coming.


Soon everyone was there and the auditions began. The “judgers” were very inmpressed with the boy band and excitedly took notes.


Next it was Megans turn and Willow and Rosie played along with the piano on the violin and flute.


Everyone gasped when Rose Caramel took to the stage and started to do her ballet routine, she landed a bit funny on one of her split leaps but made up for it with the rest of the dance.


Francis Robinson and Hannah Buttermilk now performed a very beautiful song about nature which everyone enjoyed hearing.


Everyone gasped and cheered at Lisa Acorns gymnastics and whispered about how talented she was.


Lastly, Anna, Lucille, Rosie and Willow started to perform their dance that they had been working on.


There were a lot of fabulous dance moves and the performance ended with Anna thrown up it the air and then caught by Willow and Rosie just before she hit the ground.


“After careful consideration, we have decided that,” Micheal paused for effect” that all of you can perform if you would like to!”

All of the children cheered and started talking all about the upcoming talent show.

Tabitha smiled, she loved seeing the children so happy…

Hello everyone!

Finally I have had a moment to post on my blog, I have been very busy with school at the moment and just didn’t have the time or energy to post. Also I have very exciting news, I have purchased some more sylvanian books:


As you can see it is the second series I think was released because the first series are in this order:Misty Waters and the naughty fox, Acorn oakwood prepares for winter, forest evergreens birthday suprise and Hollie Wildwood and the party concert. I have Hollie wildwood and the party concert myself and am trying to get the rest of the first series. Do you know if there is a third series like this?


In the memory of Nelson Basil who was a green finch that died after a colision with my window.

Rest In Peace Nelson



  1. cutata says:

    Hi Emily! I´ve been very busy lately and din´t have time for blogging neither for reading other people´s blogs. I´m still quite busy but tonight I decided to have a short break from work and I´m glad to see ther is a new post in your blog.. I really enjoyed the second part of the school talent show. They are all very talented! Lisa is really good at gymnastics (I love that picture) and again the girls look so cute performing their dance. The veredict of the judges is quite right. They all deserve to perform!
    Good to see you added more books to your collection! and I´m sorry for Nelson Basil, poor little bird!

    • nzemily says:

      Yes, sometimes blogging just takes the back seat. I am really glad that you liked my story about the second part. I think that even in the real world everyone should have the chance to shine. I am so excited when my books will finally arrive and hope to have them by wednesday. I will review them sometime as well…

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