The School Talent Show Part 3: The Talent Show


It was a sunny friday afternoon. School had finished and the children of Basswood Creek had two weeks of holidays before the next term would start.

“When is the stage going to be finished?” asked Lucille Beaman Aaron Cottontail and Eric Bramble but she got no answer since the men were too busy to hear her.

“Hopefully as soon as Anna gets here with the curtains!” exclaimed Rosie Buttermilk at her side.

“Where is she though?” Willow Cottontail grumbled.


“Look! There she is!” Lucille exclaimed as she saw Anna running up to them “Anna! Where are the curtains!”

Anna looked very unhappy as she walked up to her friends.

“Well the curtains…” she started


“So I put them outside when lulu decided that it would be a good picnic blanket and she spilt juice all over it. Then I washed them and hung them up to dry but the wind blew it away into a puddle and then some boys started playing football and it got all muddy and then Elise Robinson cut a bits out of it for her dolls and now we…”

All the girls leaned in.

“Now we don’t have any curtains. I am sorry” Anna said and slumped over.

“Don’t cry Anna, we can manage without curtains”Rosie comfoted.


“Here you are girls, the stage is finished” announced Aaron. Willow gave her father a big hug.


“See you tonight girls!” Aaron exclaimed and picked up a large pile of wood in one hand.

“Dad!” giggled Willow, “You needn’t show off how strong you are!”

“I can’t help the fact that I have so much strength!” he chuckled.

All of the girls, even Anna had to giggle at this.


Very soon most of the performers had arrived and practised one last time before the night.


“Come on everyone! I see the first parents!” Peter said urgently. So they all quickly put away their things.


It was getting dark when all of the parents had arrived but that was a good thing as it would look nicer with the spotlight that they would have.


“Welcome everyone to our talent show!” Lucille Beaman exclaimed happily, “Now without much more talking, lets get into it. First of all we have a boy band performing!”


After setting up the band began to play, Maxi Bramble on the xylophone, Eddie Beaman doing bells, Peter Cottontail on the snare drum, Ashton Fisher on the violin and Ivor Trunk on the trumpet.


After the crowd had stopped clapping Lucille came back on stage while the boys moved their instruments.

“We will now listen to Hannah Buttermilk and Francis Robinson!”


Hannah and Francis were very nervous but then grew in confidence as they started to sing their song which they had written about the sounds of natute. The audiance marveled at their beautiful singing voices.


“Now we shall have some more music”


Megan Appleseed was on the piano while Rosie and Willow played along on the flute and violin. The girls played a very lovely song and all of the audiance were entranced by the gentel music.


“Next up we will have Peter Cottontail showing you all his ball tricks!”


The crowd oohed and aahed at the tricks he performed.


“I am sure that you will all enjoy wathing this next one” Lucille promised


Rose Caramel started a ballet routine which all of the parents enjoyed very much since Rose was in perfect time with the music that the girls on the side played.


Rose was blushing heavily as she ran off stage while Lucille announced the next person.


Lisa Acorns gymnastics were truly splendid, she even got her tricky move correct and did not fall over. Her mother could not have been prouder of her daughter.


“Last but not least me and my friends will perform a dance”


The dance was performed without a hitch and the audiance clapped and cheered once it was finished.


Lastly all of the performers got together to perform one last dance and the applaus could be heard all over Basswood Creek.

I wanted to post this sooner but the weather has not been good for taking photos unfortunatly. The books have arrived and I will post a review after the wedding of Henry and Tabitha.



    • nzemily says:

      Thank you Sarah! I now noticed that some of my pictures are not that clear because I had to take them with one hand.

  1. cutata says:

    A big clap for all these talented children!!! and a big clap for you too, of course! Lovely!! I´m glad they finally could perform in front of their families. I´m sure their parents are very proud of them. They´re all very good.You did a great job with the stage and that spot light looks fantastic.
    Henry and Tabitha are getting married soon!! I can´t wait!!.

    • nzemily says:

      The parents were very proud of their children! Thank you for those kind words about my blog post, you have made my day!

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