Chloe tries to make Breakfast

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“Kyra, can I cook the porridge?” asked Chloe Maramalade

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“Chloe, you are too little to be at the stove by yourself and cooking, you might set fire to something” said her big sister catiously

“I will not, I am nearly as old as you!”

“Nearly! why there is about a five year gap bettwen us!”

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“Not arguing again girls by any chance?” said their father who had just come downstairs holding the mornings edition of The Basswood Herald.

“No” replied both girls, glaring at each other,. They had had this argument several times this week already.

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“Just look what Chelsea Blackberry has given us, red wine!” said Lauren Marmalade

“Really, how nice of her, ttttt” replied their Harry Marmalade

“What? Reading the article that burnt porridge is supposed to cure headaches?”

“No, three kitchen fires across the country last week.”

“Oh, terrible isn’t it?”

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After breakfast, the arguing started again.

“Kyra, I want to wash up and dry the plates”

“No Chloe, you use the wrong sponge and might drop something. You can help with the cake bowls in the afternoon. You are just too little.”

“I hate washing the cake bowls” growled Chloe quietly

“Er, what was that”? asked KyraΒ  promptly.

“Fancy arguing about dishwashing! I would be glad not to do it!” said a scornfull voice behind them.

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The whole day Chloe had to help her family.

“Chloe! I need those carrots to cut up” called her mother

“Chloe! where are those potatos?” called her sister

“Why can’t I cut carrots and cook potatos?” said now a very bad tempered Chloe

“Because you are too little to use a knife and hot water!” Mother and Kyra Marmalade shouted but then deeply regretted it because…

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“FINE! Here are your things, I bet that I am to little to carry them. You never let me do anyhing fun! I always do the boring bits!” shouted Chloe, all of the anger that had been inside her for about a week now bursting out of her.

“Chloe, Kyra has had her turn at doing the boring things aswell as myself and it is only fair that-”

“I don’t care! You are the worst family ever!” Chloe thundered

“You do not mean that”

“I do!”

“Go to be at once Chloe, at once and do not come from bed till tommorow.

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As Chloe lay up in bed, she knew that tomorow she would show the grown ups and Kyra what she could do. Yes, she, the too little she, would cook porridge all by herself.

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The next morning Chloe got up and mixed the ingredients toghether to make porride, though it was a little lumpy, she still put it on the stove. Chloe then was just about to go to set the table when a strange smell reached her. It smelled like burnt paper, father could not have lit a fire this early. Slowly Chloe turned around, the colour drained from her face. The newspaper had been too close to the gas and it was on fire.

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Chloe ran and hid under the table, quivering.

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Meanwhile Lauren had also smelt the smell, she gasped when she saw the stove,

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih” she screamed, grabbed the twins ( Kyra and Jack were at the fishers) and ran outside.

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Harry Marmalade was now trying to put out the fire and Chloe had fled to hide under her blanket.

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After a while the fire was out and Lauren came to Chloes bed.

“Sorry” said Chloe “For everything”

“You are forgiven” said Lauren “For everything”

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Then they hugged and Lauren moaned about a terrible headache.

“Well today is your lucky day! Burnt porridge just like that rat Ruby Redfur said in the newspaper!”


Well, long time, to post! I am going to try to post every weekend because school has started now for several weeks.



  1. Nina says:

    Hello Emily,

    What a wonderful story! I enjoyed it so much. It has an excellent plot and great sense of humour. :))

    I had to smile and I also felt sorry for little Chloe. I understand her, it is upsetting when everyone tells you you’re too young to do this or that… Yet she is supposed to help out around the house like everyone else!

    Haha, I wonder whether the burnt porridge cured Lauren’s headache. πŸ˜€

    Kind regards,

  2. cutata says:

    What a good story! Poor little Chloe!
    I love the picture where Harry is covering his face when heΒ΄s going to put out the fire.

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