Wedding Clothes Shopping; One is Excited

After several months of living at the outskirts of Dandelion Creek in a small tent, Primrose Keats decided to finally tackle the job of planning her and her fiance Patrick’s wedding. Today Primrose had decided to select her wedding dress and the outfit for Patrick at the local Country Market. She met her best friend Tabitha Hazlewood in front of the small shop. As she was about to enter, Evangeline Beaman called out to her.

“Tabitha! Primrose! What are you doing this lovely day?”

“I am going to help Primrose select her wedding dress!” Tabitha replied happily, she could remember just what she had felt when she chose her wedding dress.

“Would you like to join us Evangeline?” Primrose asked, “I hear you have been to quite a number of weddings yourself”

“So I have, people always seem to ask for my opinion on such these things”

“Well could you help us? I know Sorrel will also be here but I would love to have another persons opinion”

“Alright, I need to help Elliot with a few things in about an hours time but until them, I can help you”

“Oooh! Ladies! I am just so excited!” Sorrel Cottontail exclaimed as her friends entered the Country Market “I have a dress here just now, if you don’t find anything you want to wear then you can of course go to Pumpkinvilles or Violet Village to have a look there”

Primrose smiled sweetly at the female rabbit in the floral yellow dress. “Yes, I can hardly wait! I have brought a few friends, I hope you don’t mind”

“No, not at all, in fact, I do like the fact you have brought some friends, it help when you have others who can help you make decisions.” Sorrel responded quickly, she then pulled out a box labeled ‘wedding clothes’.

Evangeline pulled out a blanket which she had found to give the soon-to-be-Mrs.-Dante some privacy while she was getting changed as the shop bore no curtains. She held one end while pinching the other end between a pink rocking horse and one of the shelves on which stood a range of bathroom accessories. Tabitha in the meanwhile was trying to calm down her friend who was fidgeting nervously. Sorrel had gotten out a dress for Primrose to try on.

“This is the wedding dress I have, I think it will go very well with your colour scheme of cream and purple.”

“Great! I will try it on. Could you maybe hold something so people from the service window can’t see me while I am getting changed?”

Tabitha pulled out a blanket from the newborn baby section and handed it to Sorrel who held it up.

Primrose tried on the dress and got Tabitha to do up the back and tie the ribbon.

Slowly, she turned around, hopefully eyeing her female friends. Tabitha bit her lip, Evangeline looked down while Sorrel, being the upfront person she is said “Just no, you look… not good”

Primrose’s smile faded as she looked down at herself, the dress didn’t look quite right on her, the colour of it made her fur look dull.

“You cannot wear that, it makes your fur look grey” Evangeline responded, tugging at the dress “It doesn’t feel very nice too.” She was quickly silenced by the look on Tabitha’s face, this dress had been the one she had gotten married in. “This dress suited Tabitha perfectly but you? No, let’s have a look at the other options.”

Sorrel looked sideways “Unfortunately that is the only wedding dress we have right now” There was silence, Primrose had insisted all of her things for the wedding would be sourced from the village. “But, we can have a look at a fancy dress I have”

“Can I have a mirror?” Primrose asked as soon as the dress was securely fitted. One look told her that this was not a dress to get married in. This was a dress to wear into a fancy town but not to wear when getting married.

The colour and design also clashed with her carefully chosen colour scheme of cream and purple. Sorrel meanwhile had another good look when she found a box which contained a dress, completely white and made out of silk. It was a wedding dress which Sorrel had been gifted when she had gotten married all those years ago but hadn’t worn.

Two figures stood outside the service window and peered in at the happenings in the shop.

“I found this, try it on.”

“This looks a lot better than the other dress I tried on before”

“Now this is what I call a nice dress, yes, it feels nice as well”

“You will look amazing!”

“Ugh! I feel like I am wearing a life jacket!”

“Just wait a minute! I still have to put the straps in place!”

“Patience! Stop fidgeting girl!”

“I think this is the one!”

“I love it!”

“That’s the one!”

“Sorrel darling?!” Catherine Cottontail called to her daughter through the window.

“Yes Mother?” Sorrel responded and held the blanket up for Primrose to change.

“Your Father and I are here for our herbal healing tea”

“I am coming Mother!”

Primrose had decided on the last gown which made her look absolutely stunning, she could hardly wait for the wedding. While Evangeline helped to smooth down her ruffeled fur, Tabitha placed the dress carefully into a prettily decorated black box.

Sorrel in the mean time was grinding and mixing together the herbal healing tea for her parents. Dried peppermint, daisies, roses, thyme, basil, lavender oil and many more things were combined.

Just then Evangeline announced that it was time for her to go as she had overseen the time and now her husband had come looking for her. He greeted the ladies politely before pulling his wife out the door, carrying the black box containing the wedding dress. Evangeline would bring the box again when it was time for Primrose to get ready for the wedding.

“Just one question before I find Patrick, Sorrel, where would you recommend the wedding to be held? Tabitha said anywhere it would be lovely but I wondered if you knew any particularly pretty places?”

“I have to agree with Tabitha, the wedding would be lovely anywhere but I have a book here, it is called ‘Trips to the Countryside’. There are some nice places mentioned in there”

Tabitha flicked through the book and paused on a page on the West Woodland region, there was a page on beautiful places around Dandelion Creek.

“See, this clearing is very nice here, and this one, I wouldn’t recommend this one here though, there are too many insects here and this meadow is muddy at the moment.” Sorrel was saying

“Yes, I would recommend this one or that one” Tabitha suggested, pointing at two photos in the book. Sorrel got out a pencil and circled them.

“Well, thank you! I need to get Patrick’s approval of course but I think one of these two are the place” Primrose concluded, “I can hardly wait for the wedding! I will just go and find where Patrick is hiding, he has been avoiding me ever since I said I was going to start planning the wedding, I wonder why?”

Sorrel and Tabitha looked at each other, they had a good idea why Patrick might be avoiding Primrose. Their husbands had hated getting fussed over while choosing their outfits for the wedding.

Too be continued…

Hello everyone! I had to get this posted if the wedding was going to be held before the winter. I have quite a few posts planned for the ‘wedding series’ and I don’t want to have their wedding in winter, it is autumn already. To think I wanted to have this wedding in spring! Lots of time has past since then!

Hugs, Emily

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  1. Nina says:

    Great close ups of the country market, Emily!

    I am glad the others have helped Primrose with her gown and love the picture of Sorrel grinding the ingredients of the healing tea for her parents. 🙂

    • nzemily says:

      Thank you Nina! Christopher Cottontail is convinced that the tea makes him happier, that or the fact he is surrounded by his loving family all the time!

  2. cutata says:

    I really enjoyed this story, Emily!
    I was looking forward to the wedding arrangements ! Choosing the perfect dress is very important. I´m sure Primrose will look stunning on her wedding day. By the way , the floral dress she is wearing is so beautiful, I love the pattern. Your pictures look great too!
    I´m glad you are back blogging again!

    • nzemily says:

      I am really glad to be back blogging, it feels so nice to finally feeling a bit more creative and motivated to post. The floral dress turned out better than I thought it would, at first it didn’t look quite right.

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