Final Organizations

“NO! For the 32nd time today, NO, you CANNOT have a doughnut!”

“But why?! I haven’t had one in the past TWO days!” Patrick Dante tried to reason with his flustered fiance.

“Because you are on a diet!” replied a very exasperated Primrose Keats.

“Why? The wedding trousers are to big for me anyway!”

“They were supposed to fit someone who was a lot taller than you!” she pointed out wisely.

“Well, what if my trousers fall down in the middle of the wedding?”

“You will wear a belt so that won’t happen!”

“But it might!” Patrick whined, the lack of doughnuts really getting to him now. Primrose just put on her very best scowl and looked at him sharply. “So can I have one?”

“Aaargh!” Primrose exclaimed, clearly very frustrated. She was already stressed with the wedding planning and the constant pestering for doughnuts by Patrick wasn’t helping. She half considered to give in but then decided against it. No, she didn’t want to be mending the bursting seams at the top of his normal trousers during their honeymoon.

“Hello there!” came a friendly voice behind the pair before they could continue their disagreement. It was Melissa Cakebread who Primrose never had a proper conversation with yet had been told she knew the children of Dandelion Creek well. Not quite as well as Tabitha Hazelnut though who was out on a shopping trip to the next village along with her husband Henry. Together, they were the closest friends the couple had.

“Hello Melissa! Do take a seat!” Primrose smiled warmly.

“Thank you, I will. Now, bridesmaids, ring boy and groomsmen now is it?”

Just then Clara Macavity came up the stairs and to their little table. She had plates, cups and forks on her serving tray and began to set them out on the table.

“I asked Alonzo if he would bring up something for us” Melissa quickly explained as she saw the questioning looks Patrick and Primrose were giving her. “So, Patrick, do you have any idea who you would like your best man and groomsmen to be?”

“Yes, I only really know one person who would be my best man but I am not sure who my groomsmen should be”

“Yes, Patrick likes the other men equally but I don’t think there is enough room up at the front for all” Primrose explained after she had a quick word with Clara.

“Would it be possible if I didn’t have any groomsmen?” Patrick asked hopefully.

“Well sure! It is your wedding after all! Oh look, here comes Alonzo!”

“Cake?” Alonzo asked.

“Wow!” there was a collective gasp from the trio as they saw the cake.

“Cream, strawberries, spices… you are amazing Alonzo!” Primrose sighed happily, she found that Alonzo was a very good friend who she could always count on. Alonzo gave her the first piece and then proceeded to cut another one. Patrick’s mouth watered at the sight of the generous slice Alonzo had cut, it looked so delicious!

“I am sorry, I have run out of two of the spices that make up my special spice mix so it doesn’t taste as good as it usually does.”

“Alonzo! It still tastes really good!” Melissa commented after she had eaten a fork full of the slice he had just past her.

“And a slice of bunny toast for you Patrick!” Alonzo presented Patrick with a flourish who stared filled with disappointment down at his plate. “Heard you were on a diet Patrick, enjoy!” Alonzo added as he went down the stairs again.

“Don’t worry Patrick, you will get cake at you wedding.” Melissa stated.

“But that is in like 1, 2, 3, 4… so many days away!” he glared at the smiling toast in disgust, obviously wishing it would magically turn into the cake Melissa and Primrose had. It didn’t happen.

“Hulooo!” Aristotle Treefellow greeted.

“Good morning” chorused three voices.

Primrose jumped up “Are these the children you have chosen?” she asked Aristotle and Melissa.

“Yes, Skimble Macavity, Claire Golightly and Bilberry Bramble”

“My bridesmaids! How lovely! You will look such dears in the dresses I have arranged for you!” Primrose gushed happily.

“Me wear no dress! Me no bird maid! Me the bestest ring boy ever!” Bilberry cried out and hugged Primrose.

“Awww!” everyone chorused.

“I know you will do an amazing job Bilberry!” Primrose encouraged through his soft spikes.

“Well, I am quite sorry Miss Keats but these children need to get back to their groups. Skimble and Bilberry you have story time and Claire, you are not getting out of that mathematics test I have told the class to study for.” Aristotle interrupted in his usual important way.

“Alright children, see you tomorrow at 3 for your clothes fitting” Primrose slowly let go of the little hedgehog in her arms.

Reluctantly, she sat back down at the table to start eating her cake to find it gone! Accusingly she looked at Patrick who was whistling softly as he started to eat his toast.

Hello everyone! I took these photos just now and I guess they will do. Unfortunately for the past week the weather has been cloudy or too sunny so I decided to take them just a few hours ago but it was still too sunny so they didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked them to. Can you guess who ate Primrose’s cake? I am sure you can! Next post will be the actual wedding!

Lots of hugs,



  1. cutata says:

    I can´t wait for their wedding day!
    I really enjoyed this story and the previous ones. It´s like watching episodes of a tv series.
    Patrick has a serious sweet tooth! Hope he can get into his wedding suit.

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