Rumpus’s Mission Part 1

Rumpus Macavity was on a mission. Yes, he was. A mission he had set himself. For the past few days villagers had been coming out of the forest after their morning walk talking about strange happenings in the old abandoned house which stood a little walk away in a meadow. Many of the little children were scared to go near the place now, they said how it was probably haunted by ghosts. Rumpus wasn’t scared and had gotten sick of his little sister Skimble’s refusals to collect firewood from the surrounding area. So he had made it his mission to prove that the house was truly abandoned and did not house a ghost.

He reached the house after half an hour of walking. It had a blue roof and the windows and door were painted white. One window was open, a branch stretched inside, probably blown there by a storm. another branch lay on the porch and the area had patches of overgrown weeds. It looked a real mess. Rumpus shivered, not because he was afraid, but because the house gave him an uneasy feeling. It made him feel a bit sad.

Suddenly, he looked at the top window, was that a flash of movement?

He shook his head and looked again, nothing was there. “Now I am hallucinating from all those tales  Skimble tells.” he thought.

Slowly he opened the door, it was unlocked and screeched and groaned loudly. “See, unlocked, if someone was there, they would lock it for sure.” Rumpus thought “Though ghosts wouldn’t look the door” he imagined Skimble saying. He took a deep breath and entered the interior of the house.

Inside it was very dusty and cobwebs hung in the corners and everywhere really. In the middle of the room stood a dusty table with two dusty benches, all laced with spider webs.

Rumpus walked over to the table and benches, they looked very much like the picnic tables and benches in the village except that they were probably much older, judging by the amount of dust on them. “See, there is no one here.” he thought and made to go to the door.

But, he had forgotten that he had his food against the leg of one of the benches so when he made to go forward he fell right on his face. “Ouch!” Rumpus muttered as he hit the floor with a would bang, sending the dust spiraling around him. Rubbing his nose with his left paw he turned rolled onto his back-


To be continued…

What do you guys think of the story? So far? It is a bit shorter than I originally imagined but oh well. I feel like I haven’t posted a story in ages *checks blog posts lists*, yes, it has been around a month and a half! What do you guys like to read? Stories, reviews, tutorials or something else? Anyway, I have been very busy with school work, we had a physics test two days ago and I had to study for that, I got 92% on that so I am happy. I am going to try to post for the whole year this year and not have a break like last year. That is my goal, to be able to fit school, friends, homework, relaxation time and SF into my day at least once a week. Who knows what is going to happen though! Well then, I wish you all a good day and week. Will post part two (Yes, I am organized, I have already photographed it already.) sometime soon, maybe in a weeks time?

Hugs, (And sorry for the large amount of writing at the bottom)



  1. cutata says:

    Hi Emily! You did a great job at building suspense in your story! I felt like I was watching a thriller. I´m looking forward to the second part. I wonder what a baby red reindeer “ghost” is doing in an abandoned house.
    As for what I like to read on your blog, you know I like everything. It´s always good news to find a new post, so everything is welcome..
    Congrats on your fantastic results at the physics test! Well done Emily! Keep up the good work.
    Have a nice week!

    • nzemily says:

      Hi Cutata! Thank you for all of your kind words, they make me feel warm and fuzzy! You will find out about the “ghost” soon! Good to hear that you like everything, I like to post stories the most and feel like that it is good to have a variety of posts so some tutorials, some stories, some reviews. To change it up a bit and keep it interesting. I was thinking of maybe starting up my monthly first photo sort of calendar thing which I haven’t done in ages. I feel like it helps me organize my thoughts on what I am going to post and I like writing them!
      Thank you for your congratulations on my physics test! I am quite happy as you can imagine. I have had a few results come back for pre-tests, all of them are the average for someone two years older than me at the end of the year and these are just pre-tests! I have a heap of homework to do now, pity is that this year I have pressure on me because last year I received 10 certificates at the end of year prize giving and then also became the top academic student. So I guess that I am expected to do well in exams. What is funny is that the person who got the second highest academic award was actually my friend who is also called Emily!
      Have a lovely week!

  2. Sarah says:

    I saw something in the top window!! Eek ! I think I’m going to need to hide behind a pillow when I read the next one. Congratulations on your physics results 🙂

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