Patchwork Quilt Tutorial

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Different types of fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Ruler

Create a template which is 2cm long and 2cm wide.

Trace the template onto several pieces of fabric and cut them out.

Arrange the pieces of fabric in a way you like them.

Start by sewing two squares together.

Continue to sew more and more squares together until your quilt is the size you want it to be.

Sew a backing on, leaving only a little hole to put stuffing in.

Once the stuffing is inside, sew the hole closed and you are done!

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while but finally, here is a post! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but the gift that the Macavity children were gift wrapping was actually this quilt! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

A Present Wrapping Mission

Hugs, Emily


Dappledawn Family Descriptions

Dappledawn Rabbit Family

Herbage Dappledawn

Herbage Dappledawn is a warm and loving father who always has a big smile on his face. Family means everything to him and he spends as much time as he can with his wife and two children. Taking walks in the countryside, reading and gardening are some of his favourite things to do, well, especially gardening. He has a veggie patch where he grows the finest vegetables which he sells in the village.

Theodora Dappledawn

Theodora Dappledawn is as warm and inviting as her husband! She loves having visitors around and never lets them leave without a slice of her delicious pies or scrumptious cakes. Needles to say, everyone always enjoys their visits!

Radish Dappledawn

Radish Dappledawn is a kind and considerate boy who likes to keep to himself most of the time but when he has a good idea he will speak up and share it as his ideas are often brilliant! Painting and drawing are his favourite things to do as well as writing stories. One day he wants to publish his own children’s book with his own illustrations to go with it.

Tillie Dappledawn

Tillie Dappledawn is similar to her brother Radish but prefers reading over writing the stories themselves. She gets on very well with her teacher, Aristotle Treefellow as he shares her love of books, well, Aristotle loves books a tad more but they still get along splendidly.

Hazel Dappledawn

Hazel Dappledawn is a very kind old lady who loves knitting for her grandchildren and anyone in general. Of the seasons, she likes autumn the best as it is cold enough that she can wear he pink shawl which she loves but it is not too cold. The masses of golden leaves on the ground is another thing she likes about autumn, the colours are always so pretty at this time of year.

Here are the family descriptions for the Dappledawn family! For more descriptions you can look at the “Meet the Critters” page. I will post the newspaper article today too!

Easter 2018; The Mysterious Egg

On Easter Sunday, the whole village had gathered in one of the many fields round Dandelion Creek because of the Easter egg hunt that was to be starting shortly. It was the perfect opportunity for the Buckley family to meet the villagers and the villagers to meet the ‘ghost’ that was supposed to be living in the house. Even Skimble wasn’t scared of then now she had met them!

“I must get a photo of some of the children with their eggs and immediately write an article for our newspaper!” Mr. Cameron Moss said to his good friend Herb Wildwood “I must ask Juniper to note down some facts and observations while she is egg hunting, that would be very insightful” Cameron decided.

“Now, now Cameron. It is Easter and you should spend some time with your family rather than chasing the story for your newspaper.” Herb advised, he was a bit concerned how work focused Cameron was.

“But Herb!”

“You should just let Juniper and Buck hunt Easter eggs without them having to take notes for you.”

“But where else can I get my insider information from?!” Cameron spluttered indignantly.

Fortunately, Cameron was interrupted by Mr. Elliot Beaman, the mayor.

“Everyone listen up! Now, I want all the children to come to the front, the youngest at the very front and the older children at the back. The Easter Bunny has done his job well and I can say that there are enough eggs for all. If you do not find an egg right away, keep looking or ask one of the other children to help you find an egg.”

All of the children were buzzing with excitement, they all loved doing Easter egg hunts and hoped that it would be as fun as it was last year!

“Right, on your marks, get set, GO!” Elliot shouted and quickly moved out of the way so not to get run over by the stampede of enthusiastic children.

Eggs were hidden in baskets, in flower pots, under benches, in wheelbarrows, everywhere! The Easter Bunny had done a good job at distributing the eggs, they were spread out over a large area so that all the children wouldn’t be squished into one small space.

The two Dappledawn children, Tillie and Radish had decided to run ahead to a place less crowded before all the other critters made their way there to search for Easter eggs.

“What is that?!” asked Radish in surprise and pointed his paw at a massive coloured egg with silver speckles.

“It looks like an egg! Why would there be such an egg here though?” Tillie wondered aloud.

Then a cracking and thumping noise came from the egg and cracks started to appear on the smooth surface.

Radish quickly pulled his sister behind a bush.

“It might be dangerous!” he explained.

“What do we do now?” asked Tillie “It will take a while for the other children to get here, they are all searching for eggs where we first started!”

“Yes, I know.”

From the direction of the egg came a grumbling voice, they both turned and peaked through their hiding place.

“Grandma!” exclaimed Tillie excitedly.

Hazel Dappledawn sat beside the egg, her clothing crumpled and glasses askew.


“You gave us such a fright!” Radish added as the two of the ran over to the elderly rabbit.

“I am sorry dears, I thought that it would be a lovely surprise! I guess you two are far too sensible, your father is going be proud the way you reacted Radish.”

“Why are you here Grandma?” Tillie asked finally.

“Yes, I thought you lived in the Rutlands and not the West Woodland area.” Radish thought.

“Yes dears but you two are growing up so fast and when I heard that you are moving even further away from me, I decided to move to Dandelion Creek as well so that we can all be together!” Grandma Hazel explained cheerfully, “I know the Cottontail grandparents too, they once stayed in my cottage when the ocean became to powerful to row back to the mainland.”

Hazel then pulled two Easter eggs from behind her back, “Happy Easter you two, I hope it was a nice surprise!”

“It was the best Easter surprise ever Grandma!” the two children exclaimed and eagerly pulled Grandma Hazel in the direction of where their parents would be waiting.

‘Click’ went a camera.

Hello! I though that I had posted this ages ago but when I went on my blog today, I saw that it hadn’t posted! Anyway, a very late happy Easter from me!